The Prodigal Son

Eldora 2022-04-19 09:02:01

Father and Son, Sin and Punishment.
All judgments that reduce this bond, relationship, to an instinctive attribute of biological reproduction, will be spurned by me.
I have no hesitation in advocating the bond of flesh and blood between father and son. Including Freud's theory of patriarchy, it is despicable and abhorrent.
Sadik is the center, ascending as son, descending as father.
In the overlapping identities of being a son and a father, it deduces the intersection of ideals and responsibilities.
Even if the father's ideas are good, he can't stop the son who wants to go against him. The image power of the open arms was shattered in the collision.
Life does not disappoint.
The ending is not the result of this book.
Only when the Son becomes the Father can one realize the difficulty of being a father.
Has the failure to block become an endorsement of the father's responsibility?
not necessarily.
The disobedient young son broke his father's heart.
But the father put the coat on the younger son, put the ring on the younger son, and slaughtered the livestock to feast and rejoice together.
In my heart as a father, from beginning to end, I can't let go of "that person", the child between his knees and in the field.
The hidden space reserved is for recovery and memory, the yesterday that cannot be returned.

When my father told me that according to the Bible, the strong can live to seventy years, he estimated that it was only twenty years.
I cried.

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Extended Reading
  • Libbie 2022-03-27 09:01:08

    Although I forgot the plot, but at that time it was super shocking and sad

  • Gracie 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    The love and entanglement between father and son always runs through the life of a person's growth

My Father and My Son quotes

  • Sadik: Give him a room, a place to stay dad; he has nowhere to go!

  • Sadik: Did you forgive me?

    Sadik's Girlfriend: Of course I did Sadik, why wouldn't one forgive?