my dad

Bryce 2022-04-19 09:02:01

The father in the son's memory is always what the son wants to remember. In the little boy's world, he is a hero regardless of his father's presence or absence. The soundtrack always brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of my father. I thought carefully about how I got along with my father in my memory, and I thought of him holding me tightly in his arms on a snowy day, and I thought of him carrying me back home in the snow, and I thought of me holding him in my arms I walked with my arms and thought of his crying when I was sick. I still don't know how to describe my father, he was silent, only when I went abroad to send him to the airport, he seemed very excited and said a lot. My weak and strong daddy, selfish and selfless daddy, I still don't know him. If there is a time machine, I would also like to go back to the past to see what he looked like when he was young, to grow up with him like he grew up with me, to get to know him well and understand him well.

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  • Adelbert 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    Turkish family film, funny and touching. Turks are very provocative, I have always had tears in my eyes during the viewing process~~

  • Rodrigo 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    The emotional entanglement and blending of father and son are the same wherever they go

My Father and My Son quotes

  • Sadik: Give him a room, a place to stay dad; he has nowhere to go!

  • Sadik: Did you forgive me?

    Sadik's Girlfriend: Of course I did Sadik, why wouldn't one forgive?