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Burdette 2022-04-19 09:02:01

A stubborn father, a well-behaved and imaginative son, sadik said the middle state is the hardest, neither walking nor staying. Extremely helpless... There are several deep plots, one, the grandfather admits the grandson and their conversation; two, the conversation at a gathering of friends; three, the conversation between sadik and his father, four, the father informs his family when he finds out that sadik is sick At No. 5, the father didn't return at the cafe overnight, so he went to find sadik to see him as soon as he woke up; at No. 6, after sadik died, the father blamed himself for not stopping his son on the day; at No. 7, everyone was happy to take pictures of the whole family on the school day. , the second old man looked solemn and lonely, eight places, deniz missed his father, then grandpa took him into the house to watch the video, saw his father when he was a child, deniz laughed and the second old man cried, nine places, at the end, the father returned and told his son everyone They all need to grow up. In the end, he took a picture of his father's back. Then the second old man came to find his grandson. The three of them were hiding in the shed and laughed...

The father's love for Sadik was shy and reserved, and it was only after Sadik became seriously ill that his father dared to say "You are my son and everything to me". Father also knew that the path he had arranged for Sadik was a shackle to him, and he chose freedom, so he asked for a room for Deniz. Deniz is undoubtedly happy. Although he lacks mother's love, his father has given him a free father's love, as well as the favor of his grandparents and other family members, so that he can imagine wildly...

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  • Reagan 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    It's a bit like a Chinese film reflecting the Cultural Revolution, where the son's innocence and ignorance are used to contrast the father's inner troubles. Another invincible ending.

  • Felipe 2022-04-24 07:01:07

    I cried intermittently throughout the whole movie, but I didn’t expect that the movie would bring relief in the end. Every character is too cute, and the dialogue is simple and affectionate. I said that I used to feel that I couldn’t judge the top ten movies or anything, but now I can.

My Father and My Son quotes

  • Sadik: Give him a room, a place to stay dad; he has nowhere to go!

  • Sadik: Did you forgive me?

    Sadik's Girlfriend: Of course I did Sadik, why wouldn't one forgive?