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Gracie 2022-04-19 09:02:01

I found this movie among the 10 most moving videos shared by others on WeChat. The growth of children and the experience of adults, the influence of family members, especially the education of fathers, is evident in the film. If life is a perfect tune, then the initial tune must be composed by the family, which can affect the singing of a song, which is particularly important. The arrangement, lyrics and who will sing will determine the perfect fit of the whole song, just like work after family, marriage, and family care should be exactly the same.

The story takes place in Turkey. Through the movie, we can know that the protagonist's occupation is an anti-government reporter named Sadik. He did not follow his father's arrangement to inherit his father's farm business after completing his studies in farm management. Instead, he chose I got a job that I love, and for this I also had a deep estrangement with my father. The father was very dissatisfied with his son's choice, and the son resolutely chose to leave his home and chase his own head. When he left, his father did not Dissuaded and warned, the son did not turn his head, leaving a lamentable back. But mothers and others do have a different attitude from fathers. They respect the son's choice, especially the older brother, who values ​​love and righteousness, but also shows anger and anger.

When he left home, his life would not be as graceful as he imagined. Married in a different place, his wife died of dystocia on the day of giving birth to a child, leaving him and his son behind.

The reason for my job is often arrested by the government for interrogation, tortured once, and imprisoned for several months. During this time, my son was also taken care of by a fat mother. In a harsh and dirty environment, He survived, but left a bad seed for the later disease. At this time, does he doubt his original choice? No answer was given later.

In the movie, Sadik said that he wanted to avoid the government, but in reality, his illness was about to happen, so he left this place and took his son back to the secret place he said was the home he had left for a long time. father and other family members and friends who are tolerant and understanding.

At the beginning of returning home, his father treated him coldly. With the help of his mother and other relatives, the father began to slowly accept his son's return and embrace his lovely grandson who likes to read.

But his condition has deteriorated, and pulmonary edema has taken his life, leaving the family with helpless grief and the melancholy face of his son.

The father felt guilty in his heart that he caused his son's result. In the end, the most tearful thing was that the father tried to save his son's arms, which once earned the editor-in-chief's tears.

Sometimes we watch movies, and sometimes we have more or less shadows of ourselves. The father worked hard to nurture his son, the purpose is to let his son inherit his career, but the son is a man with a dream, insisting on pursuing his inner choice and running against his father, and finally turned against his father and turned against him. All this makes us reflect on the importance of family to a person. If the father did not object at the beginning, or the result was different? In this modern society, is there more or less portrayal of this phenomenon? Are we also happy that we have an empathetic, empathetic, tolerant and understanding father?

At least I am.

If I were to list 3 things I learned from the movie, I'd write it like this:

1. A father needs to understand and care for his son. Not only between Sadik's father and Sadik, but also between Sadik and his son, this kind of love and understanding is needed. The grandson likes to read. Both himself and his father bought him cartoon books and were happy for him. Curious and endearing for his interest in reading, Dad also went back to his grandfather, who was cold to him, for his son to have a complete family. The last grandfather also opened up his secret base, letting us know that the other side of grandpa is cute, an artistic grandpa who likes to preserve memories and rewind the bits of life. This is another interpretation of understanding.

2. The importance of a harmonious family to the growth of children. Although grandpa is stubborn and stubborn, other members of the family, grandma, uncle, aunt, etc., are very easy to get along with. They give Sadik the best understanding and trust, which also allows a family's children to grow up and give a good ecology. A family that lives in harmony, I believe that sadik's children will grow up well in the future.

3. About the importance of ideals and career choices. Sadik is an anti-government reporter, he will be unstable and encounter various dangers from time to time, but this is Sadik's choice. If there is no firm belief and devotion to the faith, how can Anneng be like this? This is with us, the choice of a stable life and aspirations, how will we choose?

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  • Douglas 2022-03-25 09:01:09

    I cried, burst into tears

  • Clinton 2022-03-25 09:01:09

    Moving. Tearful. I just hope that the person I love will always be by my side.

My Father and My Son quotes

  • Sadik: Give him a room, a place to stay dad; he has nowhere to go!

  • Sadik: Did you forgive me?

    Sadik's Girlfriend: Of course I did Sadik, why wouldn't one forgive?