Goodbye, Dad!

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Did you come out of this?

Are you going to school today?

Um, can you see me?

Grandma said you could see us all.


You look so good in your school uniform, so handsome.

Did you come yesterday too?


Dad, am I dreaming?

I don't know, even if it's a dream, it's a beautiful dream, right?

Why aren't you superman?

Because you have grown up.

Do dreams become monotonous once people grow up?

Will I never see you again?

If you want to see, you can see me. It's just that those dreams may not be as real as they are now. By then you will know that everything is just an imagination in your head. However, it's also possible that your dreams are better than they are now, and you can direct those dreams however you want. You can turn dreams into reality.

Is growing up like this?

Mmm, handsome. Growing up is like that.

I want to be a kid forever.


Because when I grow up, I can't see you anymore.

You have no choice, you have to grow up.

When you grow up, you won't need me anymore.

It is going to rain. Quick, go into the house.

Will you get wet?

I won't get wet and I will always be happy knowing you have a home.

Are you leaving?

Let's play a game instead. You film me walking with your camera.

But there is no film in it.

There is film in it, I put it in. Come shoot me.

Goodbye, Dad.

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