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A good movie doesn’t always need to be searched for, inadvertently, it may be recommended by a friend, maybe it is a classmate’s computer, or it may be stored in P4 for a long time but have not watched it, but once you calm down and watch it carefully Come down, those touching, those touching from the heart, can make you unknowingly leave long-lost but still hot tears.
This Turkish film, when I saw "My Son, My Father", the first impression was that I could learn about the customs of a country and experience the cultural atmosphere of a Middle Eastern country through a film. In some ordinary scenes and homely layouts, the simplicity and complexity of life are vividly explained through the dialogues one by one:
a man who, under the arrangement of his father, should honestly go to college, go home and take up the family business after finishing his work, but also There is a person who can marry the wife who is unanimously regarded as the "best" wife by the family, but because of his personality, he pursues the truth and becomes an anarchist. In the end, his wife has a dystocia, and no one helps him to give birth. Prison, subjected to all kinds of torture, and finally fell to the root of the disease.
The father was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he could not understand his son's unfilial behavior.
The son suffered all kinds of grievances, but had nowhere to tell.
After the death of the son, various misunderstandings dissipated. Does death have an inexplicable effect on the living? Perhaps living and fighting without results, death is also a higher form of resistance.
How people live their lives in the end, what is going on, seems to never be clear, especially in our arrogant country.
Although China has always said that its GDP is strong, various developments and various prosperity, the servility and feudal roots in the bones are still there. .
These days, love has become a religious level, not noble, but untouchable and abstract. What you get will never be cherished, and people will not feel that what they have just experienced is the so-called love. What you can't get will always be remembered, the hazy beauty brought by distance is like alcohol psychedelic, leaving only a trace of hope.
Don’t mention the word “faith” too much nowadays, but it is still only written on paper and read in newspapers, and it is still rare to put it into action. It's not that everyone doesn't understand, you look at the blessing text messages sent by everyone when you have something or nothing. Any one of them is a big truth in life. If you put it in ancient times, it would be another thick "Zi Yue Ji". But those who take action are afraid of being ridiculed, because this is not the mainstream. Lu Xun said it well: don't be the first, don't be ashamed to be the last. It's a pity that the servility of the Chinese people is deeply rooted, because no one cares about these things at all. Hey, faith, it's a little far from me! ~This shows the foresight of Mr. Lu Xun.
The so-called definition of success can never find a correct solution in China. The rich and powerful have benefited and want to maintain the status quo. Of course, success is to have a car, a house and a beautiful woman. It is said that the Chinese nation is great, so great that a single Chinese can become a dragon, but unfortunately a group of Chinese people become a bunch of worms. Of course, worms like to get together on hot stools. Come on, this has formed this very successful explanation that has been stubborn and immutable for thousands of years.
Times have developed, and life has become more comfortable, and we have forgotten why we wanted to revolutionize in the first place. As soon as the young man with a little bit of enthusiasm spoke, everyone was covered with anger. Originally, a person who dared to speak out about the shortcomings of his own country must have put his words first, but he was refuted by a huge number of maggots. The maggots were so many that the benevolent person who made the statement finally bowed his head and admitted his mistake. What a great power. Thinking about it, I have to thank the rich traditional culture of 5,000 years, thank the party, and thank the motherland.
No matter what kind of life you take or which path you take, it should be your own business, but we have seen too many bad scripts that were directed in advance, and experienced too many mechanical design arrangements of screw caps and screws.
Suddenly thinking of the cute child in the movie, it seems that a great man has also said: If a person grows up to eleven or twelve years old, is about to become sensible, and is about to die before being polluted by this world, it should be the most perfect life. Is not it? It should be.
I've always wanted to write something, but I don't have any literary foundation, so I just pieced together these things, and made do with it as an afterthought. But this point is certain, if it is in school, it must be rewritten, because there is no center, haha

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    Blessed are those who have fathers. . . . . If you don't have a father, you can cry

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    Crying and laughing is life

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