Give you a home, let you come and go freely

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Back then, you were a hot-blooded young man, eagerly longing for the colorfulness and splendor of the great world, eager to try, feeling that you have the power and ability to change everything, so you feel more and more that the barren and ignorant land where you grew up is unbearable. Finally one day, you leave home without looking back - after experiencing the furious anger of your father, the grief and tears of your mother, and the puzzled eyes of your brothers and friends.
You went in search of your dreams, and with all your passion and dreams, proudly and confidently, strode to your destination.
Who can accuse you of going in the wrong direction? Isn't life supposed to die for dreams?
However, when ideals meet reality, you begin to realize that you are nothing but a speck of dust in the world. You are a complete loser, you are so poor that you have nothing, you are completely injured, you have no place to live, and you can’t give your children a warm and comfortable family. At this time, you begin to doubt the meaning of your life and miss the piece you have forgotten behind your head. land.
So, you pack your bags, take your own children, and silently return to the origin where you left decades ago. You feel guilty, but you can't escape it any longer. You watch them ecstatically or stubbornly, but you finally know that their love for you comes from the heart, strong and mellow, and moving. Those with whom you once did not want to live, cling to their lands and their responsibilities for decades, living a simple life that you once could not have invested in.
You know you can never go back, you don't regret your choice, but you can't convince yourself in the face of your loved ones, so when someone asks you, "After so much experience, if you are allowed to choose again Once, will you leave or stay?" When you answered honestly, "I don't know. I guess, I'll take everything here and bring everything back there." You said the hardest thing is "It's in the middle, you can't go, you can't stay."
Tears flowed in your heart, you suppressed your fear, and you quarreled your father, who had always been gloomy, from the bed, and started a conversation that you didn't think would turn out well. :
"Dad, you said I left, but I didn't. I can't go. I can't stay. I don't recognize where my home is. You've been leading me somewhere in my mind."
"You know why I came back, Dad? To give Deniz a room. Let him grow up healthy, let him have a home, he really has nowhere to go."
Your father raised his head slowly, meaningfully: "You Do you understand now, how does it feel to raise a child? It’s hard, isn’t it? Can’t do it?”
You nodded and said you knew, and after saying a lot of sad things, you finally said, “Give him a home and let him come and go freely.” So you take your child, your only lasting hope in the world, back to this home, to this starting point, and then disappear into this world forever.
You won't see your stern-looking old father scrambling for the sky and the ground for your departure, and you won't be in a daze; you won't see your kind mother grieved for you, almost heartbroken; you won't see your vulgar, stupid big brother. Cry like a child for you, run and lose your way...but you must be relieved, must be wishful, you know that your child is here, it will start well, until one day, it changes As a petty intellectual, he will also leave here without looking back, to pursue his own world.
"Give him a home and let him come and go freely." It's a sweet wish, but behind it, it needs a strong, selfless family to water it with sad tears. They tolerate you and take you in when you are scarred and disheartened, but they will send you away and care for you when you are full of wings and full of ambition.
Giving you a home and letting you come and go - this dilemma is really frustrating and hopeless.

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  • Abel 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Little by little emotional accumulation, until the second half, tears burst out, until the end of the movie

  • Michael 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    The image of his father in the son's heart is what he wants to remember.

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  • Sadik: Give him a room, a place to stay dad; he has nowhere to go!

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