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Destiney 2022-04-20 09:01:43

In the past five years, I never thought that I would cry again because of watching a movie.
There are many touching scenes in this film, and many details make people laugh. At the beginning, my lover was crying and laughing for a while, and after a while, she was already crying. She usually cried a lot while watching movies, and I always laughed at her for her shallow eyelids, but today I couldn't bear to disturb her, and I couldn't bear to spoil the mood of the film. Even so, at first I didn't expect that I would fall completely.
The father of the child in the film has been dead for a while, and the whole family tried their best to make Deniz happy and avoid this tragic fact. Deniz never brought it up, but became very sad. When the family sent Deniz to school, Deniz said that he When I think about my father, I burst into tears, and I can't stop it. The camera is completely blurred in front of my eyes.
Think carefully about the many tear-jerking movies I have watched, Titanic, Artificial Intelligence, Life is Beautiful, Mom Loves Me Again, Ocean Paradise, Bathing, See You in Heaven, Farewell My Concubine, Alive, The Two of Us, Spring in the Cattle Class , Paradise Cinema, Dahua Westward Journey, Yunshuiyao, Daisy, Wall-E, the tear-jerking effect is absolutely no better than this film. Because over the years, I have been baptized by various sensational programs such as the Spring Festival Gala, and I have already exercised a strong heart. I have already developed a strong immunity to casual sensational movies, but I have no resistance in the face of this film.
Watching sensational films such as "Mom Loves Me Again", "Tangshan Earthquake", "Assembly", and forced your tears with a hoarse cry, after watching it, you will feel so stupid when you look back. Played by the director. Watching this film is like watching a family documentary. You don't feel like you're performing at all. Everyone is so true. This is their life. You can't help laughing, suffering, and crying with them. .
This film cannot be an adaptation, because there are too many details, if it is not the real life of the director himself, it is absolutely impossible for other people to have such a delicate and sensitive experience.
In front of this film, all the technical skills of the film are superfluous. This film only has a simple story, simple characters, and even does not use complex costumes, props, sets, and soundtrack designs at all. It is just a quiet and beautiful rural life for a Turkish family. Relying on the sincere and warm emotions in the film, it easily crosses the fences of all cultures, goes straight to the deepest part of our deeply wrapped heart, and stirs up mellow and lasting ripples.

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