I want to go to the country whose English name is Turkey

Ofelia 2022-04-21 09:02:15

The world is full of competition and comparison.
But I know there is one thing that cannot be compared, and that is our parents.
This movie from Turkey is very foreign to me. I don't know the history and customs of this country. Most of the characters in the whole movie are a group of women who can say swear words like "Crap him". I don't like swear words, but the swear words that come out of their mouths are not annoying to me, but kind (maybe I can't hear them). know Turkish). They seem to be inherently simple and real, even if the aunt of the film who thought she was Miss Qian Jin was the first to rescue a grandfather who was over-indulged in grief after the death of her nephew. At that time, she gave up her normal life The reserved and uncompromising stubbornness with Grandpa. And grandma's beauty, wisdom, wit, and kindness made me think about the elegance of this woman in her youth.
Generally speaking, a man has two roles in his life, father and son. As a son, he was rebellious and stubborn. He broke with his family when he was a teenager to pursue his ideals; as a father, after his wife died of dystocia, he chose a kind nanny for his children, even if he was dying. Before, I was still trying to build a complete family for my children. Although he was frustrated in his career and ideals, he was still happy. There is a father who is not good at words but still loves him, a lively and lovely son who is dependent on him, a brother who takes care of him since childhood, and a wife who is worried about his life every day, and who is abandoned but still loves him Forgive his fiancée (first love?)...a man who has so many things, he is undoubtedly successful.
Although it is said that Turkey still has a military coup in the new century, the cruel status quo will hurt the ideals and aspirations of a patriotic man, and the prison has no humane management and interrogation, but I still want to go to the country called Turkey in English.

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