Dad, please give him a room

Lenna 2022-04-21 09:02:15

please give him a room,
give him a home,
give him freedom

, Dad,
many years ago
because of your paranoia,
I left this home without hesitation.

Fifteen years ago,
this beautiful city
, the heart of the country I fought for
Buried my dear wife and all the reckless and passionate

dad I had when I was young, and
now I'm back here
with my broken body and tired heart,
I've no turning back and can't find my way, do you still insist on yours Paranoid

no matter what
this time you have to listen to me
yes, dad
come to the yard
I beg you as a son I
beg you as a father

my son, your grandson
one who has lost his mother since childhood is about to lose his father The poor child
, please give him a room, give him a home, and set him free.
Many years ago, you never heard my heart, I hope his heart can be blessed.

How frightened I am.
Also, as a father, you should be able to understand the
thought . I want to hug tightly, but I'm afraid that the sudden loss of vacuum will make him suffocate. I
want to watch silently, but I find that there is no time to wait for him to grow up

. Dad, in the end, I realize that
no matter how far the world pursues, the only one who can accommodate me is this A place where
my mother, my brother, my aunt, my former lover,
your love I can't bear anymore
Can they be passed on?

I can still remember the way you walk, just like my son will remember me
So please don't be sad
May Allah bless
Amen !

Dad, no need to blame myself,
I will embrace your open arms, but I will still leave
it is not your fault for not holding back, I
can only blame
me at the time, very silly and naive

PS: The last paragraph is a spoof. It's been a long time since I've seen a play that can make me cry from beginning to end - of course, the first and last paragraphs, and of course it may also be related to the time of the movie: the heart of people always seems to be the most vulnerable at midnight, and The music in the movie is amazing, it should be played by some kind of Turkish musical instrument. Discovery: Turkish kids are so pretty!

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    Simple story, but not cliché, and true touching

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    Little by little emotional accumulation, until the second half, tears burst out, until the end of the movie

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