Let our hearts come and go free

Allene 2022-04-22 07:01:31

I am not a person who is easily excitable, but I think I am a person who is easily moved, especially when I am old, I am used to seeing the hot and cold world and the warmth of people, but I cherish those beautiful things more and more. The hard heart in my youth seems to gradually gradually Melted, I began to try to reconcile with the world, and when I encountered emotional moments, a layer of mist gradually formed in my eyes. This has nothing to do with the argument that men are not men enough, but a kind of reconciliation like returning to the original.

Speaking of the Turkish film "My Father and My Son" screened in our school's "Film and Life" school-based course this week, my heart was filled with tears and I was about to leave. Of course, in the classroom, I have to take into account the "face" of the teachers. After decades of experience, my tough eyelids and hypertrophic facial muscles are enough to keep me as a "man teacher". But my students can't do it. Although they try their best to hide it, the tissue reclining at the corner of the table, the snorting voice and the red eye circles are trying their best to betray the master's heart. The online saying that this is a "movie that makes fathers cry too" is a good statement.

I originally thought that the little boy in the film was the male lead, but after watching it, I suddenly realized that Sadik, that is, the father of the little boy, is the real male lead. The title of "My Father My Son" is really worth it. In Sadik's ups and downs, the film unfolds slowly in his inner struggle and redemption. Sometimes it is bright and hearty like the outline of a banjo, sometimes the moon shines like the crisp percussion of a piano, and sometimes it is as low as a cello. The whimper is cold and condensed, ah, blue Turkey, the edge of the machete is an illusion you leave to the world, the thick stone walls of Constantinople cannot stop the wind of the Bosphorus, when love The tenderness of the Qinhai blew through the Asia Minor peninsula, and the blood of the Turks is no longer just sturdy, the chanting of the Orthodox Church, and the scriptures of Allah cannot stop Xingyueqi's desire for love and freedom.

As a person who "wanders" in a foreign country, over the years, I have been driven by my own desires and regarded the strange and distant place as my dream hometown. I even thought for a time that I had learned to appreciate the scenery of a foreign land. But when life shows its ferocious fangs again and again, when pure and bitter poetry can only be delivered to the setting sun by the water, and the concept of mastership can only be transformed into a geographically abstract root, no matter how stupid you are, you will understand that there is an inseparable connection between you and a foreign land. The sadness of the refutation, so, in the dark night, you desperately used the lacrimal gland as the source, and turned the nostalgia into a secret river, you know, you can't go back, can't go back... Sadik, Sadik, you say You've been changing your understanding of the words "hometown, hometown, hometown" lately, you want to take everything here and bring everything back there, you want to maintain a kind of "in-between", which I should think is Do you understand the Mingda after life, or do you mutter like a spoiled child when the angry child returns to the mother's body? Or is it an insane dream? Have unwilling fantasies? If life could come again, would you still cut off all the roots so decisively, leaving a disdainful back to the world?

"I used to love chasing dreams when I was young, and I just wanted to fly forward, travel through thousands of mountains and rivers, and couldn't go back and forth." When we were young, we always liked to look at the world with a pair of cold eyes, and stubbornly pursued the direction of our dreams. From this side to the other side, I went through trials and hardships, and I firmly believed that my belief was the invincible sword of Buddha to block and kill Buddhas and gods. My head was congested, and I subconsciously imagined myself as a knight who walks the world with swords, looking down on the world, intending to subvert the current achievements. In the future, so obsessed with contempt for everyone's obstacles, he resolutely stepped out of the house and established himself on the mountain. It was not until I squeezed my head in the crack of reality that I finally realized the real cold and cruelty presented by reality, and realized the preciousness of the innocent days in the past, but at this time, proud you, can you go back?

You are desperate. "What you can't reach is called the distant place, and the name you can't go back is called hometown." In the

end, you have no way to escape, you dragged your bruised body and returned to the origin. I believe that all the self-respecting and stubborn children in the world are willing to be arrows that leave the string and use the trajectory of rays to interpret the existence of themselves. The path of the compass is a great irony for them. So, so, Sadik, your return, in your opinion, is a heart-breaking injury from an arrow. If you didn't use your life as a mortgage, you wouldn't have set up this gamble, right?

You are an excellent father. Probably only for the sake of the child, a father would lower his arrogant head and swallow his steel teeth. However, fathers also have fathers. We often say that we should respect ourselves and others. Why can the tenderness of the iron man only be turned into tenderness when facing the child, but cannot be turned into a spring breeze when facing the old father? Jia Pingwa said: "A man's life is a son and a father. The son in the first half of his life is the shadow of the father, and the father in the second half of his life is the shadow of the son. The son in the first half of life is dissatisfied with the father, and the father in the second half of life is dissatisfied with the son." This seems to be a human society. Eternal sadness, entangled with entanglements, cannot be resolved.

Fortunately, there is a young grandson between the two generations. "Give him a room and let him come and go freely", is this just Sadik's last words to his father Tuogu before his death? Isn't this a prayer that Sadik longs for his own heart and his father's heart to "come and go freely"? Isn't this the call of Sadik's lonely and longing for love? Isn't grandson just a "room"? One of his "doors" is connected to his grandparents, and the other "door" is connected to his fathers. He skillfully plays the role of a middleman between the father and son. Therefore, the two closed hearts have a medium for communication. The two achieved a reconciliation, and the desire to "come and go freely" was fulfilled, although it came too late.

All beings come to the world to learn to love. Maybe in the stormy road of life, we once abandoned our belief in family affection, but finally one day, when you brush off your dusty heart for a long time, you will find that no matter how exciting time is, rushing around in memory , always unforgettable affection.

(I would like to recommend a few more movies, all of which examine the world through the eyes of children, and the themes are related to emotions: Brazil's "Central Station", Italy's "Paradise Cinema", Spain's "Pan's Labyrinth", they are all It touched me at one point.)

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    Warm enough to hit the tears.

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    Life will go on. Some people will write new books, but you can't read them; some people will make new movies, but you can't see them. Why is it so Chinese. Eyes are red at the beginning. Grandpa and grandma are impeccable .

My Father and My Son quotes

  • Sadik: Give him a room, a place to stay dad; he has nowhere to go!

  • Sadik: Did you forgive me?

    Sadik's Girlfriend: Of course I did Sadik, why wouldn't one forgive?