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Gregorio 2022-11-21 15:59:46

At that time, I chose to watch this film because of Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen. The latter was my first contact with him in MATCH POINT. Woody, who played the funny little old man, played his eccentricity with western humor. It is said that he has transformed from a comedian to a serious director. Throughout the whole film, the soul character is none other than him, and he is not serious, but it makes me feel deja vu (forgive my ignorance of him). The little old man is extremely cute, and it seems that he is about to meet people like him and blurt out: I know you, I love you from my very buttom of my heart.....Do you want to play card. Without him, there is almost no film The bright spot is that the S scene is actually average, and it still continues its fast-talking and confident image, which is no different from MATCH POINT.

I haven't seen much of Woody's other films, and I don't dare to comment, but if I compare it with MATCHPOINT, I can summarize its similar style, which is a bit like a thick and vigorous hairstyle. I will tell you the result after you have enough appetite. , and the results are often twists and turns, Woody is a lot of humor.

The front is plain and not disturbed. He definitely did not want to create some kind of foreshadowing or some high-tech or visual things in the film. In the last few minutes, the ending was twisted and ended, without giving the audience time to think, and forced to accept it. It's really interesting. The beginning and end of the film is played with Lao Chai's Swan Lake soundtrack, which can't help but remind people of the scene of "Hibiscus Out of Water". Woody plays with the audience like a magician in the film, making you experience the "suddenly splitting of cells". Unique feeling.

Personally, I really like the way the film is structured, because there are not two things that I hate the most: overtones and pretentiousness.

When I watched the movie, I didn't realize that Woody was this old man, but after watching it, I suddenly remembered it. I absolutely admire it. After reading and searching the information, I found that there is a detail in the film that is really interesting: Hugh Jackman asked Woody what instrument do you know, he imitated the clarinet, and he actually had a swing every week in Manhattan for more than ten years. The jazz band plays the clarinet.

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  • Vince 2022-04-22 07:01:39

    love? Light comedy? Forget it.

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