Story synopsis, spoilers only

Lizzie 2022-12-18 08:14:31

The film tells the story of an ungraduated journalism college student who, by chance, met the ghost of a senior reporter who could briefly return to the world. This ghost, on the ship in the underworld, met another person who knew the real murderer of a murder case, so he jumped off the ship, allowing him to return to the world for about tens of seconds, and he made full use of these tens of seconds. In time, he quickly told the secret to the undergrad student of journalism, and asked her to investigate further to reveal the information.

The real murderer was a rich local rich man, the son of the lord, who lived in a castle. The would-be female reporter, taking advantage of her beauty, got to know him, and after a series of operations, unfortunately fell in love. She was already convinced that he was not the murderer.

Finally, after the unremitting efforts of the old man who cooperated with him, he finally forced the murderer to reveal his true colors.

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Scoop quotes

  • Sondra Pransky: The point is, I didn't get the story! If I'd used my feminine wiles, like Katherine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell.

  • Strombel's Co-Workers: I got trapped with Joe once in Afghanistan. And we were going to be shot at any moment by the Taliban; until, typically Joe found someone to bribe, so we could escape... He got it on expenses!