No one has a choice, everyone must grow up.

Matilda 2022-04-22 07:01:31

Every age group has its own confusion, even if you can see through everything and face life head on. But no one can resist time, time has only one eternal direction...
To be honest, I probably hadn't shed tears for nearly a year before watching this movie, but this time I made up for the whole year. I can see my own shadow decades later in my grandparents, a thousand years at a glance. A glance at ten thousand years is a burden, for fear of making a mistake. Sometimes I think, do people have to live so tired? Then I found myself naive. You only have one life, and you will never come back after time. What is missed cannot be made up. Everyone has their own regrets, their own missed stories. Sometimes it takes hindsight to realize the stupidity in the first place. But regret is necessary, life is yours. Everyone has their own perseverance, and everyone has the right to make choices. But in the face of growth, no one has a choice. Everyone must grow up, start a family, watch your children leave you, and then die and go to the ground.
When his son died and his father opened his arms on the road, he wanted to stop everything... but he couldn't stop anything, he couldn't stop his son's life, it was his life.
The younger son is already on his way. Although he still misses his father, he will not cry anymore because he has made up his mind to face everything.
Time only goes forward, will you go backward?

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  • Rosella 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Simple story, but not cliché, and true touching

  • Abel 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Little by little emotional accumulation, until the second half, tears burst out, until the end of the movie

My Father and My Son quotes

  • Sadik: Give him a room, a place to stay dad; he has nowhere to go!

  • Sadik: Did you forgive me?

    Sadik's Girlfriend: Of course I did Sadik, why wouldn't one forgive?