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Clair 2022-04-23 07:02:17

Mixed with the laughter in the vineyard and my sobbing, as well as the changed tone of laughter produced from the choking of tears from time to time, the warm toes and the curled up body, but my heart is chaotic by this big family. The scolding of happiness is extremely warm...I can't forget how embarrassed I was after watching this film. In the middle of the night in early spring, I cried like a child with snot and tears, but the most unbearable thing was It's because the plot is crying and smiling...

All the characters in the film, except Sadik, seem to have a relaxed attitude of being content with the status quo, living a happy life of their own in that remote town. If Sadik also obeyed his father, went to study agriculture, and came back to take charge of the family's farm, maybe he could also live such a comfortable life. However, in order to serve the country with enthusiasm, he became the only disobedient in this family, and even in his entire hometown. When he came to the capital, he found a huge difference between his dream and reality. "He loves the motherland, but the motherland does not need him." In the end, after suffering, he was displaced. When he learned that his body was gradually dying, he chose to find a home for his son, and returned to his hometown, and fell down forever, never leaving again...

Sadik, who returned, has no regrets about his choice, nor did he I thought about apologizing to my father, the only good conversation was for my father to give his little grandson a home. The gap between father and son was not finally opened until Sadik's death. Perhaps in this father-son battle, Sadik won. In any case, the father tolerated the child, but did not untie the knot. From blaming Sadik for leaving, to blaming himself at the funeral for why he didn't keep Sadik at that time, that made him live so hard all these years until he passed away so early. However, no matter what, it can't stop a person's heart from wanting to go.

Before starting, I have a certain understanding of the moving degree of the film, and have a certain mental preparation for the upcoming gloomy scene. It's true that the scene of Deniz's mother's death at the beginning came a little too fast, making people feel a little heavy in their hearts. As the plot progressed without wind and waves, until they got back to their hometown, "Crop 1 calls Crop 2..." when Grandma Nuran had a radio call to her eldest son's house was the first to make me laugh lens. Then the plot started to get lighter, and I fell in love with the loud noises of this family every day. I like the stubborn and old-fashioned grandfather. When I see him buying comics for the little grandson, he is so unreasonable. I think this little old man is too cute; I like the nagging and funny grandma. When her son was angry, she also made a vow when she ran away from home, thinking that this old lady and this little old man were indeed a natural pair; Her valiant reprimands and her unwavering strength at the time made my admiration for her reach a peak immediately; I like every ordinary, mediocre, happy little person in this big family, and I like the people in this small town who are full of humanity, I fell in love with Birgul, who couldn't put down Sadik but pretended to be cold-faced, and liked the children who played happily in the grape fields...

Although I was an only child, when I was a child, I lived with 8 cousins ​​of the same generation. There are many children, because we are all brought up by our grandmother. Both parents are dual-earners, and we play together in that tiny room. Every day after school, there is no shortage of children's clamoring and wailing. Then I can't forget the quarrel that my grandmother followed behind and my grandfather's deep smile. Every year on New Year's Eve, on the 30th night, a family of more than 20 people eats New Year's Eve dinner together.

Time is an indefinable thing. Year after year, every child grows up and leaves, the elderly grow old and leave, stories that others cannot understand happen in every small family, and a big family grows more and more estranged... I can't see my grandma wearing an apron and baking delicious leek pancakes in front of the stove. I'll never see my grandpa picking us up at the school gate. I'll never see a group of children running around the yard. I'll never see him again. Go to the old house where the elders are talking and laughing together.

We don't understand about adults. Even if we grow up someday and reach their age, we still don't understand. When this big family gradually recedes into deep memories, I only hope that there will still be a group of furry children chasing, making trouble and laughing in the yard with old trees.

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  • Tamara 2022-03-27 09:01:08

    The second half is a little too emotional, but overall it's sincere and moving, good movie~

  • Adelbert 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    Turkish family film, funny and touching. Turks are very provocative, I have always had tears in my eyes during the viewing process~~

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