previous generation, this generation, next generation

Alexys 2022-04-23 07:02:17

God is always so kind to me~~ Just when my relationship with the old man was the most tense, God sent her and recommended this film to me~~

I always like to sum up in one sentence A film~ But this film is really not good~ For me, this film has the function of defeating the fire and surrendering... I feel a little guilty after watching it...

Dad is also such a person, everything is in order, always silent. slang, he never confided a word until things came to fruition, he was delicate, dexterous, financially stingy, and liked to be sullen. As a son, it was hard for me to understand what he was carrying~ Although sometimes it seemed that he was escaping, But I understand that he is doing it silently and taking responsibility silently. He loves me. Sometimes I think about it, I don't know why the great dad when I was young is now the only person in my world who gave up in my mouth.

When I think about my life, it doesn’t seem that my parents have arranged it. College, work, and entrepreneurship are all my own choices, but I always have the feeling that I live in a kind of imprisonment, not in behavior, but in thought. Yes, Dad is always trying to change my mind... Of course I admit that I do the same thing~~ It's hard for me to rationally say why there is such a conclusion, presumably everyone should be able to feel it...

Over the past few years , I am making choices a lot of the time. I am sure that my parents love me, and the advice they give is for my own good. He is also an experienced person and has more experience. I don't know why, my father and I always have different ideas... ...not even a coincidence, I am a stubborn guy. Every time I use my own actions to slowly prove my ideas are right... The
old girl aunt in the film said that: a People decided to do one thing, and no one could stop it.

When I saw the funeral for the male protagonist... I suddenly thought of that scene. That year, I was lying in the hospital bed, and my father was accompanying him all night... Silently Look at me...I can't guess whether my father had more self-blame and remorse or complained more at that time...

Indeed, as the hero said, my father and I are the same, we have been arguing all these years... But nothing changed from each other. It's true that I don't know my dad.

Maybe there will always be a gap between the two generations. Even if the purpose is clear, it is difficult to understand each other's efforts and thoughts. That kind of spiritual barrier is a sad

future. If you want children, you must have two... I I can no longer let my next generation, when helpless and dazed, there is no one who can speak the truth. I guess I will not understand his thoughts too much... Of course, it may be that I am too fragile, Sometimes a person's decision to do something is very difficult and very difficult...

Maybe life is like this, the actor said: I work hard for the country, but it seems that the country doesn't care about me.

I am still paying for my dream, even if she doesn't rude me, I will continue to pay, because this is my choice, my decision~

Dad, in the future, in order to reduce friction, there may be less face-to-face communication~~
Let me say a few words to you here~

Dad: I know you have been working hard for me, caring about me, silently doing everything you can, and I love you too~ But if you really can’t understand my thoughts, I will If you want to think about it, please give me space... that is the greatest support for me, Dad, I still love you~

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