'Scoop' Replicates 'Manhattan Murder Mystery' (with Woody Movie Rankings)

Miller 2022-12-02 17:09:56

Everything Woody does in "Scoop" is to replicate the tone of his 1993 work "Manhattan Murder Mystery." The difference is that Woody's inspirational good idea in "Scoop" is for the ghost to escape from the death ship and come back to solve the case through a Chinese magic box, leaving a clue to the murder. This is Woody's fourth use of the mysterious power from China.

In "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion", it mentions the Jade Scorpion, a magical baby from the Chinese emperor, which can hypnotize people; in "Alice", Alice drank the "invisibility potion" of a Chinese doctor and gained invisibility; in "Alice" In "The Troubles of Oedipus", Woody's mother was transformed into the sky by a Chinese magician's magic box; in this "scoop", Woody plays a magician whose magic box will appear with reporters ghost. This is an oriental magic story that Woody likes. He likes to make magic for everyone since he was a child.

"Manhattan Murder Mystery" is more suspenseful, entertaining, dramatic and brilliantly complete than Scoop. The Scoop is boring to a certain extent due to its mediocre story and conservative narrative. Woody had an epiphany after making the film that it was a mediocre film. He himself said: "'Scoop' was laughing all the way, but the concept of wit didn't play a big role." Now it seems that its only effect is to take advantage of the British style of the last box-office "Match Point". Make some quick money. In fact, the production cost of the film was $4 million, and the global box office was $39 million, and the results were very good.

After so many years, Woody's works have come to 6.

1977 "Annie Hall"

2005 "Match Point"

1996 "Bullets Across Broadway"

1969 "Fool in Prison"

1983 "Xili Biography"

1980 "Stardust Once Upon a Time"

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In addition to the above 6, I re-rank Woody's films (including early writing or performance works) to my liking. (from high to low)

1993 Manhattan Murder Mystery

1999 "Sweet and Humble"

1992 "Shadow and Fog"

1979 "Manhattan"

1997 "Deconstructing Love Maniac"

1986 "Hannah Sisters"

1989 "Sin and Wrong"

1995 "Non-Powerful Aphrodisiac"

1973 "Fools Raise Science City"

1972 "Sex Book"

2001 "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion"

1987 "Radio Age"

1984 "Danny Rose"

1985 "Purple Rose of Cairo"

2005 "Twin Melinda"

1987 "Feelings of September Day"

2003 "The Strange Moves"

1998 "Celebrities"

2002 "Hollywood Ending"

The Scoop in 2006

1992 "Husband, Wife and Lover"

1990 "Alice"

1975 "Love and Death"

1971 "Banana"

2000 "Amateur Thief"

1996 "Everyone Says I Love You"

1972 "Stupid Goose"

1989 "Metropolis Legends" ("The Troubles of Oedipus")

1978 "In My Heart"

1988 "The Other Woman"

1983 "Midsummer Night Sex Comedy"

1965 The Merry Gentleman

1966 "007 The Royal Nightclub"

1966 "What Happened, Tiger Lily?" 》

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