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The surprise at the end made me wonder if there were any conspiracy theories in this farce - Scarlett's behavior seems to be traceable: before she slept with Hugh Jackman for the first time in the early stage, she had asked Woody for the first time. Ellen expressed her trust in Hugh Jackman and her desire to give up on the big news, but after she went to bed, she immediately went down to the back room to find evidence of the tarot cards. So, even from the entire middle of the film, she seems to be the quickest to fall in love and lose all vigilance against her lover, not to mention in terms of the result - two common people broke into the upper class alone, uncovered The true face of the noble murderer, and one of them was buried heroically in this mystery, is obviously more eye-catching than simply revealing the facts, isn't it? In this game, Scarlett is undoubtedly the biggest winner. So I have to wonder if everything is really such a coincidence? Is it really just luck that Scarlett was able to escape from the tiger's mouth?

As to why I have a conspiracy theory (which I think is an entirely possible interpretation), Scarlett and Woody Allen went to the big newspaper before going deeper into the enemy camp and asked for an exclusive opportunity, which of course the newspaper refused. But from the results, can we think that this is Scarlett's way of seeking protection for his own life - Hugh Jackman obviously couldn't murder Scarlett in a way that would put him in a suspect situation, so he Which method will be chosen?

Pull it back, everyone deserves their own ending. The perpetrators are imprisoned, the brave ones fulfill their dreams, and those who already know their future life safely fall into the arms of death. The portrayal of death in the film is perhaps the most tender scene - the soul of the late great reporter escapes from the scythe of death; the magician continues his poker trick on the boat of death. Death becomes a stroke, just a boat that transports a person from one world to another.

Regarding the plot itself, I personally think there are some loopholes.

First, after Scarlett's confession, Hugh Jackman had no doubts about the authenticity of her inability to water, and chose to drown her. This may be because the rich's brains are too busy with business.

Second, about Shockman's confession to Scarlett that he actually didn't leave the city that day for some kind of acquisition or something. Let's assume the first possibility. Hugh Jackman has no knowledge of Scarlett's suspicion of murder, so his frankness is superfluous: he also mentioned that he hates concealment the most, so he can't do it for a lie. to tell a lie; the second possibility is that Hugh Jackman knew what Scarlett was doing through various means, and he also knew that Scarlett saw him at the time, (this also explains why Scarlett Scarlett and Hugh Jackman were finally tracked and lost) So he didn't even doubt that Scarlett could get in and out of his basement? ? Still haven't changed your password? ? (Let the good old magician finally die for this qaq...

Also, I think the presentation would have been better if the deceased reporter had a different outfit and state each time he played.

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