People in love are blind

Janie 2022-12-06 01:23:17

It seems to be a little different from the old man's usual style.

Short of a large number of narrations, self-reports to the camera and quick dialogues

But it still tells about love, hatred and murder. The heroine was found out by the dead detective "Tuomeng" who was the killer of the serial crime.

Take the old man to pretend to be a father to approach the criminal, fell in love with the male protagonist during the contact

Love has blinded the eyes, the original firm intention has become suspicious of the old man

And at the last critical moment, the old man confirmed that he was the criminal and drove her to the rescue.

She was destined to be able to swim, but the old man died unexpectedly The movie ends

There is no special feeling and resonance. In contrast, I prefer the ending point of Black Widow.

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