Conrad 2022-10-01 21:48:49

It's successful as a comedy, but as a suspense movie there are still a lot of logical holes:

1. The ghost tells the heroine at the beginning that the hero is the murderer of the serial murder case, but at the end of the film he just imitates the method of killing

2 Why do you keep the keys in the music room since they have all killed people? also got

3 Since they have planned murders before, why did they kill the heroine in the end but just pushed them down the lake? Just because she thought she couldn't swim at first? (Maybe the plot needs it, but killing people here is a surefire way to do it)

However, the ending of the movie is still closely related to the theme, and the heroine finally got an exclusive news

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  • Strombel's Co-Workers: I got trapped with Joe once in Afghanistan. And we were going to be shot at any moment by the Taliban; until, typically Joe found someone to bribe, so we could escape... He got it on expenses!