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Karl 2022-11-16 11:58:05

In my albums, the name of an album that has never been deleted is "Scarlett Chest Fans", and there are various photos of various scales in it. The first time I noticed Scarlett Johansson was in "Lost in Translation," the film directed by beautiful director Sofia Coppola, where she wasn't allowed to show too much charm. After, or before, she gradually became Woody Allen's new muse. In fact, this is a small regret. Woody Allen's movie is not about depth or scene, but the personal taste of Woody Allen's chatter and grumbler, so if Scarlett voted for Gaozhi , maybe it won't just win the crown in the world beauty selection.

Woody Allen's sexiness to Scarlett Johansson is of course impossible to know. In "Midnight Barcelona", she is a person who is active in love and art, and the 3P plot is also worth pondering. In "Scoop" and "Match Point", she has become the object of the nobles. For such a human killer, there is no need to fabricate plots at all. As long as she stops there, the world will start a war. So the London trilogy is actually not that interesting. Although they all have murder scenes, they are not very clever. In this "Scoop", there are not many complaints that were easy to resonate with the audience before. It is more like the stand-up comic of Woody Allen Liu's grandma entering the Grand View Garden and the Scarlett Johansson T-stage show. combined.

I love this human killer so much, but what I see more and more is the turbulent waves. What about the specious intellectuality and connotation in "Lost in Translation"?

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  • Vince 2022-04-22 07:01:39

    love? Light comedy? Forget it.

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  • Sondra Pransky: The point is, I didn't get the story! If I'd used my feminine wiles, like Katherine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell.

  • Strombel's Co-Workers: I got trapped with Joe once in Afghanistan. And we were going to be shot at any moment by the Taliban; until, typically Joe found someone to bribe, so we could escape... He got it on expenses!