Elder Tang arrives

Trever 2022-11-03 16:15:55

Frankly, I haven't seen much of Woody Allen's work before. I don't know much about this man who is known as "one of the greatest directors of the nineteenth century".
Ignorance is sometimes not a bad thing. At least you can not be affected at all, enjoy a movie from the heart, and evaluate it according to your own preferences.
So, for this "Woody Allen-esque comedy of suspense", even if there are comments that "the story is rich and thoughtful", I still don't see anything. And I don't think the director's level is that great either.

The ignorant I found his character in the movie a lot like Elder Tang. Non-stop chatter, nonsense, but it's fun.
It's a pity that such a strong cast: the handsome and charming Wolverine and the sexy and beautiful Scarlett, under the influence of his broken thoughts, have become a pair of silly boys and girls.

But although the plot is full of loopholes and the lines are almost broken, there are still many jokes in this film.
Especially the ending part. In the end, the elder Tang was still babbling on the soul ferry boat: "I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, I say it sincerely, you are an amazing group, a very good group of people. I love You, I also feel your love for me in you. You may be deceased, but you shouldn't be discouraged. Because, you know, don't use death as a hindrance. I was a stammer when I was a kid, but with Unshakable determination, you never know what's going to happen..."
If there was a tidbit, it would be that he was thrown overboard...

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