The plot is correctly interpreted, and you have seen the movie.

Lilla 2022-12-25 08:18:21

If you want to save more people, are you willing to hurt a few people?

This is a huge subject.

As it happens, the heroine's answer is the same as the robot mother's choice. So the heroine passed the ultimate test and became the mother of a new human being recognized by the robot.

A robot, AI. It was created to protect human beings, but it found that the flaws of human nature are destroying human beings, so this Ai made the decision that many AIs in science fiction movies would do, evolution! Evolution means to protect human beings Escalation is the primary goal, even at the expense of "destroying" humanity.

The AI ​​in the film made a choice to destroy all human beings, save enough embryos, select embryos for cultivation, and cultivate a qualified human mother from all aspects of moral, intellectual, physical, and labor, and this mother will cultivate new human beings. This is the ultimate mission of ai.

The survivors outside are arranged, and all the plots are carried out under the arrangement of AI, including the heroine's own betrayal, going out, etc. The meaning of the existence of survivors is to represent the old humanity, deceit, selfishness, poverty, hurt. The purpose of the survivors' appearance is to let the heroine recognize the face of the old human beings and become the heroine's final exam.

The heroine who finally completed all the exams was recognized by AI and took over the training of new human beings.

For better human beings, ai kills old humans. From a tool to God, the heroine became Eve, a person chosen by God.

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  • Mother: This facility was designed to give humanity a second chance, one that began with you, daughter.

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