Explain the biggest problem of this film, how many generations of new human beings have been nurtured by the mother

Claude 2022-12-05 13:48:20

My answer is a total of three generations:

First of all, it can be seen from the movie that the middle-aged woman must know the base. She stayed at the base when she was a child and knew her mother. It can be seen from the details of the movie. If you are not sure, you can watch the movie again. Here I won't post pictures, there are many proofs. Now let's talk about the generations that the mother has bred and screened:

The first generation: APX01, a girl bred by the mother, and several men

Proof: The little girl that appeared at the beginning, APX01, was the first girl bred by the mother after the extinction of the human race. At this time, on the first day of the human extinction event, the number of human beings was 001. In fact, this was the first human to appear after the human extinction. When the little girl was a little older and asked her mother why she had only one child, the mother took her to the embryo room. The little girl said why couldn't she have more than one child at the same time? The mother asked if you wanted a younger brother or a younger sister, and the girl said both. Mother asks a family, will you be happy? The girl said yes, and then the mother took the girl's hand and left. Here we can find that in fact, the movie is a metaphor for the mother when she nurtured the first generation, not just the little girl. This generation has nurtured other people besides the little girl.

Conversation between little girl and mother in embryo room

Second generation: female APXO2 bred by the mother, the middle-aged woman who appears later in the movie, and Jacob, the child born to APX01 and other males (this is actually not bred by the mother, it is a natural reproduction)

Proof: After the heroine solved the gunshot wound for the middle-aged woman APX02, the middle-aged woman said a paragraph to the heroine. The question about people in this paragraph should be true, and there is no need for the middle-aged woman to make up something that has never been done before. People, just hide the fact that they kill each other because of food. As a result of the cannibalism, only the middle-aged woman survived and was shot. This also explains why no other people appear in the movie, because they were all killed by middle-aged women.

Conversation between the heroine and a middle-aged woman

The third generation: APX03, a woman bred by her mother, the heroine of this film

Proof: The time when the heroine first appeared was the 13867th day of the human extinction event, which was nearly 37 years later, so if the first generation of women was still alive at this time, they would be 37 years old. As for why the heroine is code-named APX03, it can be seen in the user name displayed by the heroine during the later examination and the embryo storage box found by the heroine

When the heroine appeared: 37 years later
User APX03 appears during the female lead exam
Three female embryos are empty

This film only captures the birth of the first generation of girls and what happens after the third generation of the heroine grows up. The whereabouts of the first generation of girls and the birth of the second generation have not been filmed, and can only be narrated by middle-aged women. learned. As for what happened after the first and second generations, in fact, after the first generation was bred with a large family, the mother discovered that they were still flawed within a few years, and drove them all out of the base and left them to fend for themselves. He was probably still a child when he was kicked out, with an average age of about 7 years old. The toothbone in the incinerator should have partially failed in the cultivation process, and was burnt by the mother after discovering the defect. This is why the middle-aged woman said that the mother burned the baby to death and starved the family to death.

After the first generation of human beings were driven out of the base, the mother immediately nurtured the second generation of human beings, middle-aged women. The second generation of middle-aged women did not regard the machine mother as their real mother. This is from her calling her mother a bulldozer. can be seen. When the middle-aged woman was supposed to be a child, she stumbled upon the act of burning babies, and she didn't know how many were burned. This incident cast a great shadow on her as a child, so she chose to escape from the base and was adopted by the first generation to become Jacob's sister, which also explains why middle-aged women are so afraid of their mothers, if It's not because of the gunshot wound that he won't go back to the base to ask the heroine for help.

Finally, let me talk about why it must be three generations instead of two, because middle-aged women must not be the little girls in the beginning of the movie. In the dialogue between the middle-aged woman and the heroine, she said that she was an orphan, and was adopted by a couple outside. She also recognized Jacob as her brother. If she was the girl in the beginning, she would only have younger brothers and sisters, and it is impossible to appear more than her. Big humans can only be driven out of the base when the first generation is very young, and then cultivate the second generation. The first generation breeds in the mines outside the base, and the second generation escapes from the base at a very young age. Injury returned to the base to meet the heroine.

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