The best host in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Kellen 2022-09-11 23:31:26

I watched "Garfield" again yesterday, and the difference from the first time is that it is dubbed in Chinese. I'm dying of laughter.
The first time I read it, I gave it poor, and this time I gave it a recommendation.
The reason is entirely due to the dubbing, kudos to the dubbing staff! Kudos to the translators!
Now I can understand why Japan has such a big name CV, aka anime voice actors. A good voice actor can really save a bad movie.
The dubbing is in Mandarin, but the accent is from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Including those lines, many of them are localized, although I can't remember what the English lines were originally, but the new lines are completely inherited or created countless jokes.
The host is best in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This statement still makes sense. Look at the hosts in mainland China. Anyway, I basically have no interest in watching variety shows on domestic TV stations. I really miss the Hong Kong and Taiwan variety shows I watched in Shenzhen. If they are not on the same level, domestic hosts can be said to be a complete failure.
During the entire viewing process, what I was most looking forward to was what nonsense came out of Garfield's mouth. The language in the original book is also the most attractive part.

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