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After the seamless cooperation of "MatchPoint", Woody Allen obviously tailored "Scoop" for Scarlett Johansson, which is also a sketch that exposes a famous noble boy who is willing to kill a beautiful woman for his own benefit, but the very smart Scarlett obviously Can't be killed twice, although he has always looked silly, the little magician played by Woody earned enough jokes and tears. Overall, it is still a light comedy with a European style, which generously satirizes a lot of nobles and media. and police. In the last episode, Scarlett was the unstoppable MatchPoint. At the beginning, he was also a nobleman and a motivated young man who lived a luxurious and dull life, and then the slow-burning contradiction also led to the birth of MatchPoint. .

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Scoop quotes

  • Sid Waterman: This guy must be some lover if you're ready to drop the whole investigation! I must find out what breakfast cereal he eats...

  • Sid Waterman: Did you accomplish anything besides a possible pregnancy?

    Sondra Pransky: I'll tell you what I did see: his mother, Lady Eleanor, has short-cut, brunette hair.

    Sid Waterman: [stuttering] Yeah, but not a hooker?

    Sondra Pransky: [shocked pause] No, Sidney, she's not a hooker! I hardly think so. She's practically royalty. Christ, you amaze me sometimes. Your brain!