Still the old man

Alisa 2022-10-29 13:56:22

-Woody Allen never seemed to get old, just like he never got younger.

More and more I like this little old man with a bitter face and always babbling. There is no doubt that Woody Allen belongs to the heterogeneity of American films, especially his works have a strong personal style, a unique intellectual perspective and a cold thinking on social relations are the biggest characteristics of Woody Allen, Unlike the tedious film grammar of some film masters, Woody always makes people realize the true meaning of the work in the light of laughter.

Although it is not certain whether he has received professional acting training, but in his self-directed and self-acted films, he can always find that flustered, chattering and a little self-deprecating Woody Allen, as if there is a kind of innate in him. of anxiety. Just as New York has inspired Woody, this time he uses London as a new creative hotbed. To be honest, "Match Point" is not a successful work, its greatest significance may be that Woody Allen discovered another Diane Keaton - Scarlett Johansson, the next "Exclusive" News is obviously much more reliable.

The same story is handed over to Hitchcock to shoot, I am afraid it will be another black crime movie, and the audience will have to come to this reasoning game with the director. In the hands of Woody Allen, he was able to tell such a story so easily, peeling off the black shell and hiding it in his signature "Tang Monk" style, which is somewhat like the early "Shadow and Fog", I don't know if this means a return of the master. In Woody Allen's previous films, "sex" seems to have been mentioned to a special height, and this time is no exception. It is not just simple sex. In fact, he pays more attention to the difference brought about by gender. One aspect is the estrangement and distrust between men and women. Also, the reason why he always talks endlessly in the movie, regardless of whether others can understand it or not, actually reflects a kind of confusion in interpersonal communication. The power of language is in fact infinitely ignored. People only know that He was speaking without knowing what was being said. The biggest highlight of this film should come from the above two aspects. Scarlett is indeed a highly savvy actor. In the film, she shows the innocence and innocence of a student in her gestures. When Pitt's lies are exposed, Scarlett The mischievous expression on Belle's face was so vivid. Woody Allen is still the same, performing magic tricks with a bitter face. The problem of "talking" hasn't changed, and it's getting worse. It seems that he didn't appear in the last "Match Point". As if all the words were made up, the old and the young can be said to be the two great treasures of the film.

In addition, the soundtrack of the film is also very individual, "Swan Lake", thanks to him.

Looking forward to Woody Allen's next work, hopefully a comedy.

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