lazy garfield

Elsie 2022-09-08 06:22:11

I think there's one step in the movie that's really fun -- the movie's name is "Garfield," and it's about a cat and a dog. The cat's name is Garfield, he's lazy, he's smart, (sly), and the dog's name is Audi, he's sassy but kind.
Garfield is a very fat cat with orange and black fur. Its belly was so fat and fat that it was dragged to the ground, and its eyes were round and round. His favorite thing to do is eat spaghetti sauce, and he devoured all four boxes of spaghetti sauce that Qiang (his owner) had bought him, so much so that he couldn't move on the kitchen floor. It is also very good at dancing, butt-twisting dance. Every time it hears pop music, it starts to dance non-stop, and will dance a "real cat's fart" while leaning on the sofa.
The relationship between Garfield and Audi was originally very bad, but later changed through Garfield's efforts, and they became a pair of good friends (Garfield also became a hero because of his heroic rescue of Audi).
I'll tell you the funniest plot: Garfield and Qiang saw a mouse after breakfast, Garfield didn't catch it, and said to Qiang, "Qiang, you catch it." I went to catch a mouse, but I stepped on a ball and fell, haha...
This movie is so fun, I really want to watch it again.

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