In comparison, I prefer "Match Point"

Layla 2022-10-11 17:04:44

The Scoop, by Woody Allen. Some grotesque plot, but not dull and boring. This skinny old man with black-rimmed glasses is still as neurotic as ever, always chattering. Killed. Scarlett Jonansson is really the leader among the new generation of blonde beauties, with slightly pouting plump lips, always looking a little confused, petite yet plump body, this is probably the so-called "naive and sexy". Personally, I think her role in "Match Point" (frustrated second-rate actor) suits her better. I was a little surprised when I saw the cast list. I didn't expect that the elegant and aristocratic male protagonist in the film turned out to be Hugh Jackman, the "Wolverine" in X-MAN. It's a pity for him. What happened to the next special man series? The real person is so handsome and elegant, and he can't relate to the furry-cheeked Wolverine in X-MAN.
Compared with this "scoop", I still prefer last year's "Match Point" for the terrifying atmosphere of the gloomy silence, and the haunting opera soundtrack from beginning to end, and this one. The scherzo style of a dance song "Four Little Swans" that pops up from time to time is too different.

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Scoop quotes

  • Sid Waterman: This guy must be some lover if you're ready to drop the whole investigation! I must find out what breakfast cereal he eats...

  • Sid Waterman: Did you accomplish anything besides a possible pregnancy?

    Sondra Pransky: I'll tell you what I did see: his mother, Lady Eleanor, has short-cut, brunette hair.

    Sid Waterman: [stuttering] Yeah, but not a hooker?

    Sondra Pransky: [shocked pause] No, Sidney, she's not a hooker! I hardly think so. She's practically royalty. Christ, you amaze me sometimes. Your brain!