Exclusive Woody Allen

Shanna 2022-10-14 10:14:20

Only his story can turn around like this, with mysteries everywhere, even paving the way for 100 minutes,
and telling you the answer in the last 10 minutes.

I really like this long-winded, wise little old man.

When he finally drove desperately down the country lanes in his BENS SMART, the scene was perfect for him.

As for the result, Scarlet said it in an understatement. It turned out that the sound of the car crash, the great director, so lightly understood himself as an actor. Because Woody was never a high-profile person. Even death was handled so easily by him, "I'm just not used to driving from the left..." Bla Bla Bla's rambles made him an exclusive Woody Allen.

As for the soundtrack "Swan Lake", which runs from the beginning to the end of the film, what else can we do besides wow?

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  • Sid Waterman: This guy must be some lover if you're ready to drop the whole investigation! I must find out what breakfast cereal he eats...

  • Sid Waterman: Did you accomplish anything besides a possible pregnancy?

    Sondra Pransky: I'll tell you what I did see: his mother, Lady Eleanor, has short-cut, brunette hair.

    Sid Waterman: [stuttering] Yeah, but not a hooker?

    Sondra Pransky: [shocked pause] No, Sidney, she's not a hooker! I hardly think so. She's practically royalty. Christ, you amaze me sometimes. Your brain!