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Loves junk food, hates Mondays, loves to stay at home and watch TV but not to exercise. Selfish and self-centered, but never ambiguous in the face of right and wrong. Is this just a cat?

Yes, he is Garfield. There are countless shadows of urban office workers and petty citizens on him. So when this thick-voiced and chubby guy appeared in front of us, it would attract so much fanaticism. Looking at Garfield is like looking at yourself from a new angle.

When Odie the puppy is led into the house by his owner, Garfield feels his position is clearly threatened. So he tried his best to squeeze Odie out and locked him out of the door. When the master anxiously went out to find Odie, Garfield felt guilty, so he went out to find Odie without hesitation.

Yes, this is us. You never know what you have to cherish, and you don't know what is precious until you lose it. I'm kind, but I'm always evil. This is Garfield, and it is me.

When Odie fell into the hands of the tamers, it was Garfield who did everything in his power to save Odie. Including stray dogs and rats. This is Garfield's world - kind enough to be friends with mice. But he never changed his nature, and when Odie came home, he would often criticize Odie.

I remember that when I was in high school, watching this movie in the difficult years really had a healing effect, and it could instantly rekindle the hope of life. But now that I watch that movie again, the original feeling has disappeared. There is only a period of nostalgia for the past, and all memories are dried in the years.

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