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8. Although it is not high, it is enough as a small cost, so I took a break and looked at it. It really is the style of Netflix. Personally, I understand that this movie is actually an anti-routine type. It does not apply the type of Hollywood commercial movies, but expresses its center to the audience with a unique perspective and a reversed plot, which is thought-provoking. Probably in the not-too-distant future, human beings realize that they may perish, so they built a shelter and placed tens of thousands of human embryos in it, and wrote a set of artificial intelligence hoping to pass it after the apocalypse. To cultivate a new generation of human beings, maybe human beings are also aware of their own inferiority (greed, selfishness), so I hope that the new generation of human beings cultivated by AI will be selfless and noble. Sure enough, after a world war, the earth's environment has become very bad, and there are few human beings left, so the artificial intelligence in the shelter began to cultivate a new generation of human beings according to the program, but at the same time, because of the inferiority of the old humans, the shelter may be affected. Destruction, so AI also created a large number of robots to destroy humans. In this case, the first new human (the woman in white) hatched successfully, but the mother lacked experience in raising children, so she returned to the surviving human community (mine) to observe and secretly provide materials to the community. The second human being cultivated was eliminated by the mother because the moral indicators failed to meet the requirements of the program. After learning the lessons of the first two, the third human (daughter) was cultivated perfectly by the mother. In addition to the scores on paper, the mother decided to set up a situation for the girl in white to meet her daughter to test her daughter. The old human beings gradually become selfish and selfish in their interactions, so she will eventually be eliminated by her mother. Since her daughter has passed the test of her mother, there will be outside robots that appear in the film to plant trees and improve the environment, because the new human has reached the Program requirements can begin to proceed to the next step. In fact, this film is similar to the previous "Watchmen". The latter sacrificed a city's people to make human beings fear the ability of Dr. Manhattan, so that the Soviet Union and the United States gave up their confrontation and returned to their old friendship. Enemy, mankind moves towards peace. This kind of anti-routine, anti-hero movies are rare in the market, and most of them are low-budget movies, because the filmmakers are afraid that the investment will be too large and the market will not accept new things, which will cause them to make ends meet. Of course, as the audience's requirements for movies become more and more demanding, there will be more and more such movies, and Netflix is ​​a company that is ahead of this wave. I also hope that Netflix can continue to persist, and the market (China) will also increase. Be tolerant, so that a hundred flowers can truly bloom and a hundred birds contend. The last sentence, Netflix Dafa is good! ! ! Plot summary After the outbreak of the great crisis, human beings almost perished, and the AI ​​designed by humans began to execute the program of creating new human beings, that is, selfless, kind and divine human beings (referred to as Our Lady). Beginning on day 0 of Extinction Day, the mother (AI) created the first human. More than 30 years later, the mother used the embryo to give birth to a human being. The daughter is very perfect under the training of the mother, both in terms of morality and ethics, and the level of IQ is at a high level. When she was about to take the mother's test, a power outage accident caused her to fail. She found out that there were living things in the outside world, but her mother told her that the outside world had been polluted and no living things could exist, and her mother immediately burned the mice with an incinerator. The daughter began to doubt her mother and began to look forward to the outside world, until one day she Hearing the call for help, and rescued the person (the woman in white) into the base, but was finally discovered by the mother. Although the mother helped to heal the woman in white, the woman in white felt very afraid of her mother, because the surviving humans outside were treated like mothers. of robots chasing. The daughter is further suspicious of her mother, but the mother tells her that the bullet in the woman in white is the same as the bullet from the gun he brought in, which means that other humans attacked her. The woman in white asked her daughter to investigate by herself. Under her investigation, she discovered her mother's lies and learned that before her, her mother had created two human beings, that is to say, she was not the only one, and her daughter was also in the incinerator. send

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I Am Mother quotes

  • Mother: This facility was designed to give humanity a second chance, one that began with you, daughter.

  • Mother: Contrary to your understandable assumptions, my primary directive is to care for humanity.