Did you find all three children?

Stan 2022-08-21 09:11:00

I have always been very insensitive to the ratings of such films, and I would like to give 3.5 stars from my personal opinion.

Returning to the main topic, detailed analysis and ethical depth issues will not be discussed here. See other movie reviews.

What I thought was that the female lead was No. 3, the one who died was No. 2, and the second female was the No. 1 child.

Let's talk about a detail of the movie. In a scene in the movie, a total of 3 female embryos were taken out, so it is proved that there should be a total of 3 females after the extinction of human beings. The heroine is the child number 3, and the movie also directly explained the whereabouts of the child number 2 through the plot. But kid number 1, the movie has had no obvious clues.

The No. 3 heroine is a successful child, so she finally survived to undertake the task of protecting human beings.

The No. 2 child's movie explained that education failed, and the movie gave premature death and cremation by artificial intelligence (there is a small debate, whether the child died accidentally, cremated or was destroyed, the movie did not explicitly explain)

No. 1 child, there is no clear explanation. However, according to the overall strictness and seriousness of the plot, and careful control of details, the director should not miss the explanation of child No. 1. We look back at the end of the movie, where the AI ​​walks into the "female survivor" room, and there's a dialogue. The AI ​​to the female lead indicated that her survival and even the encounter with the female protagonist should have been arranged by the artificial intelligence. And asked the second female: Do you still remember your mother? Then the final shot of the artificial intelligence should be to deal with the second female. We can make an extended conjecture from the above. The second girl may actually be the first child. First of all, there is no account of the second corpse in the melting furnace, and the artificial intelligence knows the second girl well and asks her if she remembers her mother (here may be the most Obvious hint), and the age of the second female is also very complex.

There is just a small bug. This is the problem of other human beings. When the first child comes out, whether human beings are already extinct, or whether the human beings who are identified by artificial intelligence as should be killed are already extinct. If the female number two is the child number one, then how should she explain her life with other human beings.

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