Mother! Mother!

Salvador 2022-11-02 02:10:24

In the context of today's entertainment to death, it is very good to have such a movie that makes us think about human nature from the perspective of advanced AI. It is worth giving five stars, although the plot is a little procrastination, it can be better if it is more concise.

The general argument of this film is based on the inferiority of human beings, and it is human beings who really destroy human beings. Combined with reality, environmental pollution, animal extinction, nuclear weapons, endless consumerism, etc., this argument is not completely unreasonable. The noble and selfless character of human beings and the inferiority of selfishness and short-sightedness are like a scale. No matter which direction it tilts, the decision is in our hands. This is the biggest inspiration for me watching this movie.

Compared with other apocalyptic films, this film subtly does not show the cruelty and horror of human beings at the time of extinction. Through the description of the cannon fire echoing in the base and the description of cannibalism and killing in the mouths of women, we can roughly imagine the apocalypse. In the scene, the major powers scrambled for resources to trigger a nuclear war, the social system collapsed, human civilization ceased to exist, and the remaining handful of humans lingered on. Before that, a prophetic figure or organization predicted the end of mankind, created an advanced AI with the purpose of preserving human civilization at all costs, and prepared a large number of embryos for preservation. Started before extinction, the "mother" selected and cultivated the best new human beings, continuing the human fire. The name I Am Mother is very good, slightly ironic that human beings need AI to continue, and it also expresses that only human beings can truly lead human beings to rebirth, and the balance is in our hands.

Writing this, I can't help but wonder if our universe is nothing more than a "computer" of higher-level creatures than us. We think the earth is unique, but in fact our known universe is just a testing ground, and human beings are nothing more than a testing ground. It is the data in the "computer". From the birth of human beings to the present, all our behaviors have been converted into experimental data and saved.

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I Am Mother quotes

  • Mother: This facility was designed to give humanity a second chance, one that began with you, daughter.

  • Mother: Contrary to your understandable assumptions, my primary directive is to care for humanity.