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Orin 2022-10-29 16:35:31

First time writing a movie review. In such a time when entertainment is paramount. Netflix made an infinitely thought-provoking movie. How can she be a mother who looks at the world, is wise, has courage, is selfless, is full of compassion for life, but is not blindly kind and ignores principles? ~~~~~~~

The AI ​​in the movie destroys the old human beings in order to prevent the self-destruction of human beings, and then cultivates new human beings one by one until there is a new century that can lead human beings to self-improvement. ~~~~~~ After AI trained No. 1 mother, let her go to the cruel world of nuclear warfare to experience, and secretly assist her to survive only to guide the female No. 1 to recognize the cruelty of human nature and reality, and the purpose is also to hope that she can become a human being. leader. It's a pity that No. 1 used lies to deceive No. 2 just for Taoyuan's company because of selfishness, and was eventually killed by AI; No. 2 realized his responsibility to save mankind and chose to return to the base to fight against AI, and finally met AI's mother's standard . Of course, the female one and the female two are completely unaware of these arrangements. This is the final test of the two people in the play, and the film comes to an abrupt end. Only the audience's expectations for the sequel are left.

After watching the movie, I was extremely terrified. Is there such an organization or institution in the world that secretly monitors the development of human beings and is ready to intervene at any time? . Thinking that you are about to become a father, how should you educate your children? How to let children have as many excellent qualities as possible. Or the minimum requirements, how to meet all the material needs of the children. ? ? ?

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I Am Mother quotes

  • Mother: This facility was designed to give humanity a second chance, one that began with you, daughter.

  • Mother: Contrary to your understandable assumptions, my primary directive is to care for humanity.