Peerless good MOTHER!

Zita 2022-11-30 15:49:02

Non-professional film critics, just a few points.

There are too many genre films with peerless and apocalyptic background settings. Australia occasionally shoots some unpopular high-rated films, and this film can also be called a masterpiece.

1. The little girl who appeared in the first 8 minutes was actually the second female who was shot at the back. Many viewers ignored an obvious detail at the time. The subtitles that appeared at 8 minutes and 16 seconds clearly informed that the first embryo was taken out. 13867 days, which is 38 years (as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, I will not ignore it, just turn on the mobile phone calculator and count it), but the camera slowly unfolds is a young girl, unless the machine MOTHER injected her with hyaluronic acid.

2. I didn't understand that the machine MOTHER put the CPU outside for Mao. Is the cooling technology immature or an ion shield installed? It wasn't until later that I saw the impeccable armor of the armed robot (the CPU could obviously be stuffed inside), and then I realized that the machine MOTHER used the "core" well: the second woman's crazy attack almost scrapped the machine MOTHER, which aroused the empathy and empathy of the first woman. Sense of trust (if the CPU is built-in, it shows the robot's sharp advantage in front of humans, and it is ruthless, which weakens MOTHER's matriarchal setting); let the first female lead to get rid of her own control and her daughter's dependence on herself (if The CPU is built-in, how does the second girl scrap herself? No response after a long time? It's embarrassing and good to play...)

3. When I was making the medical ethics proposition, I was also thinking, in the end is it to save one? Or save 5? At this time, it seems inappropriate to use a calculator. . . When I was a child, the teacher always said that we should study with thinking and questions, so I had to interrogate my soul and step into the development of the plot with the girls one by one. When the girl repeatedly proposed to rescue her younger brother and turned back after escaping the bunker, I realized that in fact, before choosing righteousness and life and death, there is no such thing as a logical support, it is the first reaction of her human nature, that is, instinct. By cultivating the first two embryos, the machine MOTHER has precipitated and refined human morality and the judgment standard of good and evil, and at the last moment judged both the female one and the female two (the most injustice here is the No. 2 embryo, because Not up to standard was cremated, ah what a hot realization ).

There are still many details worthy of scrutiny, so I won’t go into details here, and it’s not professional, please see other movie reviews…………

Finally, congratulations to the female first for finally picking up a piece of fresh meat. Looking forward to them having a child (brain supplement).

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