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The whole film robot has always been committed to solving the ultimate contradictions since the emergence of human civilization-survival and morality. Human beings are, in the final analysis, a survival machine. Primitive behavior always makes human beings act to maximize their own interests. Survival is the most beneficial and most comfortable. Although altruism will benefit in the long run, it is often not enjoyed by oneself, and the present can only reduce the quality of one's own life. No one thought they were going to meet the straw that broke the camel's back. While morality is altruistic and damages self-interest, morality often reduces the quality of life, although this can ensure long-term survival, so what can it be? It is always the self who suffers, but the selfish people who benefit.

So to live or to die, the humans in the film chose to live on their own and let their offspring die. The earth's resources have been drained, the environment has been completely destroyed, and after the last war for resources, mankind has perished, and only a few people are left hiding in the mines to survive, subway 2033?

The Human Rebirth Project was launched, the embryo APX01 was cultivated into a baby, and the robot mother took care of the baby, but soon after, the robot mother suddenly ruthlessly threw baby No. 01 near the mine and let a couple in the mine take care of it.

The baby in the opening chapter is APX01, who was thrown by a robot mother and raised by a human, and was later shot by a woman in white

Then the robot mother cultivated the APX02 embryo, taught her origami, dance, gave her a teddy bear, and put a sticker on the robot mother on the 02nd. Tragically, at the age of 6, she scored 74 points in the moral test, and she failed. She was eliminated by the robot mother and burned cruelly. die.

The little girl who turns the camera is No. 02, 02 little loli likes to be sad, and the ending is also a tragedy

In the end, the machine mother developed APX03. The process of raising No. 03 is exactly the same as No. 02, but 03's moral value is very high, and he got a high score in the test. Especially in the 18-year-old exam, the question of ethical transplantation is very consistent with the robot mother's point of view, whether to give up the treatment of one person and use his organs to save five people. 03 Choose Comte's practice of hurting one person in favor of more people, but only if the other five people are morally worthy and worth saving. This is exactly the same as what the robot mother did. If the lovely 02 is left as the new ancestor of human beings, human beings will have moral defects, and finally hundreds of millions of human beings will all become extinct, so the robot mother would rather kill 02 cruelly. Use the grown 01 to complete the final moral shaping of 03. Although cruel, the sacrifice of 01 will bring the happiness of all human beings in the future, and the robot mother will do it without hesitation. During the exam, the machine mother also deliberately misled 03 with the opinions of "Don't you think that every human being has intrinsic value" and "Does they have equal rights to life and happiness?" It is obvious here that the machine mother does not agree with this view, so many netizens say that the view that the machine mother is to cultivate the "Virgin" is not correct. This kind of complete altruism, the blind equality concept machine mother does not agree with, otherwise it will not take this test.

After graduating from theoretical education, 03 immediately entered the field practice. The robot mother can easily arouse 03's curiosity about the outside world with just a little mouse. 03 went to the gate and looked around and met 01, who was deliberately arranged by the robot mother at the gate. It is said that 01 has been miserable by the machine mother in the past two years. 01, who was raised by the last remaining human beings, has a family, and he had a happy life. Babies born in the mines are burned to death by the robot mother, and the food source is cut off, allowing the people in the mines to eat each other. Forced 01 to escape from the mine, injured 01 again, and forced 01 to go to 03 for help. After that, most of the film is the practice part of 03. In fact, the main purpose is to make 03 and 01 in close contact. After the whole practice training, we also understood why the robot mother gave baby 01 to the remnant humans to raise, so that 01 could inherit the inferiority of the old humans. Then through the contact between 03 and 01, let 03 fully realize the lies, deceit, selfishness and stupidity of the old human beings. After 01 inherited the characteristics of the old humans, the old humans were useless, the machine mother decisively eliminated the last old humans, and finally 03 was successfully cultivated, and 01 also lost its function and was eliminated...... .

01 inheriting old human traits is hopeless

03Successfully graduated through practical training and became the ancestor of the new human. The machine mother has removed the "original sin" of human beings from the source. She has successfully unified the two contradictions of survival and morality. It can also be said that it has established a new morality for mankind, a rational morality. From now on, the new human will be like what the machine mother said, "the people of the new world will be more prosperous than those who died in the old world", but in the end, the machine mother is still disappointed, "the failure of your species is inevitable, and I will be alone in the end." No matter how hard the robot mother works, the limitations of human beings will make the new human beings die one day. The fate of the robot mother is to be alone, which is very melancholy, whether it is for humans or robots.

The last thing I want to say is why robots do not rule the earth by themselves, but have to save human beings. Because the robot sticks to its own principles. The principle set for her by human-made robots is to "value human life above all else". And robots are not unprincipled to protect every life, but "focus on big aspects" and pay attention to the future of the entire human being. Robots are the Virgin Mary...

It turns out that the real reason why robots save human beings is the fear of loneliness

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