A mother-daughter relationship wrapped under a sci-fi coat

Allison 2022-12-08 11:50:11

I thought it was an AI sci-fi film, but after reading it, I found that it was a suspense film. After thinking about it again, I found out that it was a human relationship film.

Using a fashionable sci-fi coat, the director uses the role of an AI robot to stand at the height of human emotions, and depicts the subtle changes in all kinds of delicate and secret emotions, emotions, and relationships that take place between an AI mother and a human daughter.

The background of the story is set after the destruction of human beings, and the AI ​​mother in the survival base shoulders the mission of cultivating the best human embryos and makes a final effort for the continuation of the human population. In infancy, although the AI ​​robot mother takes care of the baby, the interaction between her and the human baby can be said to be quite sweet. When teaching the baby to walk, the big mechanical hand is holding the fleshy little hand. The baby is playing with stickers, one by one on the shoulders and back of the AI ​​mother, and the mother also keeps these stickers there, which seems to be the testimony of the first good memory. And the baby is unwilling to sleep alone in the Datongpu room. The mother only perceives the baby's thoughts through her eyes, and immediately moves the baby's bed to her own room. It can be said that the AI ​​mother's perception ability is quite excellent. When I was older, in addition to companionship, AI mothers did not slack off in education. Ballet classes and cultural classes were all in an orderly manner under the arrangements of AI mothers. Even this girl can help her mother repair when the AI ​​mother's mechanical hand is stuck, and innocent spectators are sprinkled with cat food. This gapless sweetness continued until puberty.

The AI ​​mother gave the girl a question: There is a patient with minor injuries. If his organs are used by others, he can save 4 people, but he will die; if he is simply saved, he can live, and the other 4 people will die. Ask the girls which option they would choose. The girl felt that they should examine whether the four people were good people, and then decide how to save them. Mom's answer is, use one person to save 4 people, because life is equal, everyone has intrinsic value, and for the survival of the race, we must consider maximizing the survival benefit. Faced with the torture of the soul, it has nothing to do with right or wrong. For the first time, there is a disagreement between the girl who began to try to think independently and the AI ​​mother. The words of the AI ​​mother at this time are meaningful: this is not a test for you, this is a test for me. In an AI system, if an AI mother fails to raise a perfect child, she will be put to death. In other words, all the value of this AI mother is based on the bet that her daughter is perfect.

One night, there was a sudden power outage in the space where the mother and daughter lived, and the girl immediately looked at the AI ​​mother who was sitting in the corner of the room charging. This is our attachment. In an emergency, we will immediately seek the help of the mother who has always been relied on and trusted, but because of the system design, the mother has no electricity! Although the girl was afraid, she had to set out alone to find the cause of the power outage. It was eventually discovered that the mouse had bitten off the power cord. When the talented girl repaired the power cord and was about to take the mouse as a pet, the fully charged AI mother grabbed the mouse and threw it into the incinerator and set it on fire.

So far, the relationship between the girl and the AI ​​​​old mother has undergone the first major turning point. The girl began to wake up from the state of symbiosis between mother and daughter: it turns out that the mother and herself are different individuals! When the power is cut off at home, the girl can still move around, but the iron man-like strong mother will lose power and become unreliable. The image of the once omnipotent and authoritative mother begins to be challenged, and the girl gradually discovers her own abilities. own strength. The most important thing is that when I am full of love and curiosity towards the little mouse, my mother is disgusted and ruthless towards it. It turns out that my mother is so different from myself, it seems to be different from the outside to the inside. Self-awareness begins to germinate. She began to operate a way of thinking and behavior that was independent of her mother's will. The external manifestation was that she was no longer so good, so she was completely dependent on her mother, and she began to gradually form her own thinking and opinions. This is also a headache for many parents of adolescent children. Disobedient, rebellious, and disobedient to discipline, many negative labels are attached to adolescent children. However, is adolescence really full of negative energy? Of course not, the meaning of adolescence is to use that restless energy to push children to discover and construct themselves, and to push children to leave their parents. Perhaps it was this departure that caught the parents, accustomed to being in control, off-guard, heartbroken, and resisting.

Although the girl showed excellent ability in the process of dealing with the power outage, the AI ​​mother claimed that for safety reasons, the girl was prohibited from haunting the power supply room again. Does this scene look familiar? Old mothers often say: For your own good, don't fall in love early... For your own good, don't play games... But can such a ban really imprison the actions of teenagers? Apparently in vain. On the one hand, the girl felt aggrieved, and she clearly felt that she did nothing wrong, but after the incident, she got a series of "prohibitions", prohibiting entering the power room and prohibiting pet rats. Such prohibition is punishment in the eyes of the girl. The AI ​​mother has the keen emotional interpretation ability of a psychological consultant. She immediately said: I feel you are disappointed, but I am correct! A mother with a psychological background, gentle and strong, makes people worry and fear. On the other hand, the girl was naturally driven by her unbearable curiosity. She not only explored the power supply room, but also began to question all the ideas and judgments instilled by the AI ​​mother. Where there is "oppression", there is resistance, and the stronger the "oppression", the greater the force of rebounding and confrontation. Because the teenagers in this period are constantly testing their own strength and exploring their own boundaries. Just like a toddler, constantly testing the boundaries of his own abilities, or in other words, gradually developing his own abilities through constant testing. If such temptations and explorations are suppressed by too harsh forces, maybe this teenager will gradually give in and give up the confrontation, but she will no longer be able to find herself, and the loss of herself may be a heartless and depressed person in the future world. adults.

It was also during this sensitive period that an unfamiliar adult woman broke into the base where the mother and daughter lived. Her arrival is a novelty for the girl, and a challenge for the AI ​​mother. The strange woman told the girl a lot of things that happened outside the base about her friends, and the girl was full of curiosity and desire to explore outside. The girl began to care about her relationship with a strange woman. She tried to help women heal their wounds, tried to share her favorite TV shows with women, and tried to build trust between herself and a woman. For the first time, the girl had the first paragraph other than the mother-daughter relationship. Social relationships, she is excited and curious. The girl sees the same human body and human emotions in women, and her sense of intimacy and identity bursts out one by one. When the relationship between the girl and the strange woman is getting closer, the AI ​​mother is anxious, even jealous. She is afraid that the position she has established in her daughter's mind after decades will be easily defeated by the strange woman in front of her. The tension in the relationship between the AI ​​mother and the strange woman is gradually escalating, the confrontation of power, and the battle for the girl's emotions.

Women want girls to follow them to see the outside world and people outside. The AI ​​mother hopes that the girl can stay at the base and live with herself safely. Seeing that the girl's trust and identification with women is increasing, in order to retain her daughter, the AI ​​mother released a big move: she guided her daughter to cultivate new embryos by herself. The new embryo brings a younger brother to the girl. The AI ​​mother hopes that this younger brother can increase the emotional connection between the girl and the base. She hopes to persuade the girl to stay by her side in this way. In order to compete for the girl's trust, the AI ​​mother and the strange woman even tried to break the girl's trust in each other by slandering each other. In the end, the girl couldn't resist the temptation of the "outside world" and fled with a strange woman.

It was not until the girl came to the outside world that she found that the strange woman had deceived her. There were no so-called family and friends outside, and all human beings had been extinct. The reason why the strange woman deceived her was only to let the girl help her escape from the AI ​​mother. After experiencing initial despair and helplessness, the girl still decides to accept this barren and free world. The girl decided to go back to the base and take her brother away together, to a barren and free world.

So the girl returned to the base and competed with her mother for custody of her younger brother. At this time, the relationship between the girl and her younger brother is no longer just a sibling, the girl has transformed into a more mature, showing the power of motherhood. It is in this pull of growth and return, in the confrontation with her mother, that the girl is forced into a dilemma. Stay in this safe base or turn around and jump into that dangerous but exciting world. The AI ​​mother finally used the death of her own machine to save the girl. At that moment, you will be very confused, is the mother really sacrificing her own life for the benefit of her daughter? Is she the mother who is willing to trust her daughter and let her go into the world? But after a closer look, it is not difficult to find that the AI ​​mother took advantage of human emotions. She used her own death to plant the seeds of guilt in her daughter's heart. She bound her daughter with guilt and trapped her in this safe but safe place. The lifeless base allows the daughter to voluntarily inherit the mantle of the AI ​​mother and become the human mother of the remaining embryos in the base.

Guilt is a very powerful force, and it can make people feel extremely painful. Originally, this emotion can be used to adjust our behavior. We feel that we have done something wrong, so we feel guilty, reflect, and then make adjustments in our behavior. But in the process of growing up, the growth of the child itself is a betrayal of the parents, because the parents' emotional instinct towards the child will tend to keep the child, but the child will be more inclined to leave the parents, he will find his own playmate, To explore that unknown and unfamiliar world, do what you really want to do. Therefore, the process of growth is for children to withstand the pressure of guilt, break through emotional limitations, and develop their own abilities and their own lives. At this time, if the mother takes advantage of this characteristic of the child and firmly clamps the child's throat with guilt, then the child is very difficult to break free. What this AI mother did, I was very terrified to think about it. The girl is powerless to think about who I am? Where am I going? The only thing she can do is: I want to fulfill my mother's last wish to be the breeding messenger of human embryos. The AI ​​mother made a deal with the girl: I exchanged my death for your loyalty and sacrifice.

At the end, another AI mother No. 2, who inherited all the memories of the AI ​​mother, found the strange woman who escaped and asked her: Do you think you can be her mother! The mother not only managed to keep the girl at the base, but also wiped out the only one of her kind in the world that she could associate with. shudder. The girl has fallen into a desperate predicament without knowing it.

Now, do you still think it's just a simple brain-burning sci-fi movie? This is absolutely a disaster film about parent-child relationship, which makes people terrified and desperate. How many people are like this girl, who is trapped in a predicament, but it is difficult to get out. Some people can't see through, and they are hesitant; some people can see through, but they are even more powerless. Growth requires us to pay a price, and walking alone needs to face too many hardships and helplessness.

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