Is the third a genius?

Tyrel 2022-11-27 14:00:09

What is the name of the protagonist's little girl? third? The boss and the second child were killed by the old horse because of their poor learning? It's really miserable to have bad grades and no life. Hasn’t the third child never seen anyone since he was born? It’s the first time to see someone of the same breed, and he will definitely feel very intimacy. In fact, the old horse is also watching variety shows for the third child, and let the third learn human medicine and cultivate a Yemen Qing is a genius with electronic equipment. The only disadvantage is that his emotional intelligence is not high, and he does not blame the third child. He has never even seen a person communicate with a robot like Lao Ma all day long. There is really nothing to say. There is no secret at all. The woman who suddenly appeared obviously has a story. I don’t know if it’s the boss. It may be the second child who was silenced by the old horse. The boss concealed something from the third child, such as who was shot. It was later confirmed that the robot also had a gun.

The third child found out that the old horse can also talk nonsense. Maybe it started from the story of the bullet. At the beginning, the third child did not really doubt the virus infection. Until the bullet incident, the third child found that the old horse really lied to him. And I don't know what the ending of the boss and the second child will be. Maybe they panic and want to run away, but who knows that the old horse will get a younger brother for the third child, referred to as the fourth child. The fourth child will come out in 24 hours. The old horse will take care of the child again. If he does not study well, he will die. This idea has always been with the third child.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the family concept that Lao Ma has always instilled in the third child. A strange woman brought the third child to the beach. The third child was almost astonished when he saw the sea, and he was shocked when he saw the container house. I love cleanliness so much, you let me Live the rest of your life here with you? Where is Simon who is about the same age as me? pit me? At this time, the third child's emotional intelligence has been upgraded. Knowing that he can't just trust others, he went directly back to Lao Ma's house to find the fourth child.

Old Ma Gao had learned anti-investigation, got a GPS and put it in a strange woman's bag, and went straight to the house. After talking about the old Ma, he said that you are alive to let you train your third child's emotional intelligence. Only then does he look old. Horses are especially scary, and many things that seem to be coincidental are designed by old horses.

The third child finally shot and killed the old horse, but in fact, the old horse can't die. The robot's brain is all alone. The old horse just left the house of his hometown to the third child. If you don't take care of your child, it's entirely possible to take over the job.

Lao Ma's voice chose a particularly feminine voice. It doesn't feel jerky, and he feels that there is no difference between him and a person except for his appearance, but fundamentally, Lao Ma is still not a person, a bit like an emotionless person. Scientists have been doing experiments, and the experiments have always been within the control of Lao Ma. The third child has always been a part of this experiment from beginning to end, and has never been able to escape.

The reason why the third child really wanted to go out might be that he saw a small picture book of a strange woman. Seeing that there were so many portraits of people who were still painted so realistically, he felt that the outside world was full of people, and as a result, no one in the outside world was shocked again.

Attached is a picture of my daughter-in-law, which is much worse than the one in the movie.

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