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1. The expression of emotion during communication is received in many ways

I don't talk about the plot or whether the core of the story has depth. In fact, after reading it, the most impressive thing is the voice of the robot mother.

At work, I hate to use WeChat QQ DingTalk to communicate. When I can't talk face to face, I just pick up the phone for anything, and the last option is text communication.

The most important thing about not liking simple text communication is that they only have text, and neither can see each other's expressions or hear each other's voices. (Of course, the speed of reply and the efficiency of communication are also one of the reasons. Sometimes a phone call can explain things in 5 minutes, and the text chats for more than half an hour, but it may not be clear....) I have seen a lot of emotional intelligence. The low two made a ridiculous misunderstanding because of the text.

To give the simplest example, even if I don't know a colleague very well, I use a relaxed tone in front of him, stab him in the arm while laughing and joke to him, "You idiot", he may not care, but when this is the case. When the only thing is the words "you idiot", he might really be able to quarrel with me...


When we meet face to face, the basis of receiving and judging emotional information is often not limited to the expression of words. My tone of voice, my expression, and my body movements can all tell him "I have no ill intentions". But in the absence of this additional information, people have a self-preservation instinct.

With that in mind, let's take a look at our film.

2. Physical performance and voice performance

There are many movies that use robots to talk about human nature. The movies of the same type such as "Ex Machina" and "Her" are the movies that I am deeply impressed by.

How such videos express the "emotions" of robots is a very important question. In other words, whether the emotion to be displayed is real from the perspective of the robot, or fake calculated by the program, is generally the key to the success of such films. Simply put, it's "mystery".

"Her" is the first film that makes me think that you don't need to show your face, and the performance of the voice alone can also give a little golden man. Scarlett's voice is sexy, although the whole film AI does not have a specific image, but this one The voice-only characters are extremely plump. I think everyone has a different face in their mind when they watch the film, right? The protagonist also fell in love with the operating system he imagined because of such a voice, but what would the film be without an almost completely real voice acting?

"She" makes you feel the authenticity of human nature under the premise of "acting with voice, without a specific image".

The overall viewing experience of "Ex Machina" is closer to "Mother", but "The Machine" focuses more on the performance of the actors. The micro-expressions on the screen and the tone with almost no ups and downs fully interpret the "mystery". The actors' body movements that are like machines and people, as well as those incomprehensible eyes, and the wonderful line design, together let the viewers take the Turing test with the male protagonist and the female protagonist. I remember a few scenes where the heroine looked at the camera, her eyes were so bright that she seemed to be staring at me through the screen. While I was thinking about what she was thinking at this time, I realized that it was my own idea. She was completely seen through, and then shuddered when the heroine turned her head without seeming to care. I didn't get the information I wanted, but what about her?

"Machine" is based on the premise of "performing with body and voice, with a specific image", but it makes you unable to understand the authenticity of human nature.

The robot in the film "Mother" does not have a "face" with human expressions, but its voice has a tone that is very close to human beings, cold and incomparably gentle. So, interesting. It achieves both "both let you feel the authenticity of anthropomorphism" and "make you feel the authenticity of anthropomorphism."

Remember what I said at the beginning? When people communicate, emotional information is simultaneously received and perceptually judged through many aspects.

In "She", it is expressed through a voice that is almost indistinguishable from a real person. This is the reason why the protagonist and even the audience can fall in love with this AI, because the emotions contained in its language are rich and credible;

The lack of emotional expression in "Machine" comes from the inhuman body movements, mysterious expressions, unpredictable eyes, and almost cold and unsentimental tone, and the infinitely close to human appearance makes the Uncanny Valley theory in the The curve is infinitely close to the drop threshold. So it's scary.

In the film "Mother", the physical performance and the appearance of the robot will make people think that the mother is not human, and the templated communication language also strengthens this point, but the thing is, its voice is very gentle.

The biggest suspense in the film comes from "who is lying" in the middle. And the robot mother and the outsider represent the extremes of lying in both directions. The mother has no expression, and her voice is gentle but fake, which makes people lose the basis for judging emotions; the outsider's face is full of fear, but judging from her expression, she can always feel that she is hiding something. So the middle part of the film is the most interesting to me.

Earlier in the movie, before you doubt the robot, it's a perfectly programmed robotic mother. The arrival of outsiders has caused the curve in the Uncanny Valley theory to plummet.


Once you start to have a little doubt about your mother's motives, you will subconsciously pay attention to and even imagine the mother's non-existent expression. (Of course, this part of the film and the lighting atmosphere are also well rendered.) But the voice of the robot is the same as always. The tenderness.... So, the robot in this film relies on the performance of mechanical body language and voice to complete another kind of fear that is different from "She" and "Machine". - A lot of times you will be frightened by your own imaginary expressions. Although it has the appearance of a robot, I can no longer judge whether it has real consciousness at this time.

It is easy to accept that the behavior of the previous robot is programmed, but what if these are intentional?

If the behavior of the machine is programmed, it is controllable to a certain extent, so it is safe.

But consciousness is uncontrollable, because we cannot guess its true purpose. 1 is 1, 0 is 0, and I will not doubt its authenticity. Once hooked up with consciousness, this is not necessarily the case. Or the old saying--

3. "All human fears come from the unknown."

That's why I think the use of robots to represent human nature is so fascinating.

After all, there has not been a robot that is completely indistinguishable from a real person. The topic of whether a machine will one day have consciousness has been discussed for many years, but before all this appeared, the common-sense point of view was that machines were cold programs. Formula, but under the premise of consciousness, the calculation result is 1 or 0, but it can often determine the life and death of life. Because machines are physically stronger and more powerful than human beings.

The heart of any robotics thriller is here.

"Am I safe from a power greater than mine?"

This is why we feel unsafe if the robot is lying.

Because we don't know if they're going to hurt me next, we don't know if they compute 0 or 1.

Robot lying seems to have inherent advantages. At present, robots cannot achieve such rich facial expressions as humans, and their voices are basically synthesized without emotion.

But imagine if one day the robot would use this in turn and lie? How can we see through lies without the judgment of expression, tone and emotion?

Scary, right?

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