The routine is still your mother's most ruthless

Ismael 2022-08-20 09:18:15

In fact, the whole drama was set to test the heroine from the very beginning.

It is only revealed step by step as the heroine grows, which is extremely obscure, because everyone (or robot) in the play is manipulated.

Judging from the setting of the robot mother, she was designed to nurture a better next generation of human beings.

Therefore, No. 1 was cultivated, that is, the guest who knocked on the door and was shot, and she was referred to as the No. 1 heroine for short. From the perspective of the time axis, the time until the extinction of mankind is estimated, the age of 37, appearance, clothing, etc. are completely in line with the settings.

And why do you say that the guest is the No. 1 nurtured? First, from the vague conditioned response she saw on the talk show, it proves that there is a vague imprint since childhood. This is a foreshadowing.

Second, the hairstyle and decoration that became more and more like later is a very obvious express.

Third, the tracker that the mother took the initiative to repair is displayed. The mother knew from the beginning that the tracker was on the guest/or mother was very scheming and set up the tracker in advance. This must not be completely sure that the mother knew everything. What is certain is that after the guest escaped and returned home, the robot mother had a conversation with her, saying, "Then do you remember your mother?" So far, it is clear that the guest, or the heroine No. 1, betrayed mother and escaped from the wilderness. Lying, scheming, selfish and ungrateful. Abandoned by mother, but not killed. , is a question. If mother has the skills to nurture a child from embryo to infant in 24 little things, then there is reason to believe that mother also has enough skills to set or erase human memory and manipulate her mind. From this, I concluded that the consciousness of the heroine No. 1 was also manipulated to test the real heroine, and cultivated a generation with high-quality human empathy. The sometimes confused and empty eyes of the heroine No. 1 in the play also reveal the wandering thoughts. Maybe she doesn't know why she shot herself or why she made up those stories. It is possible that all this is the masterpiece of another creator mother, and after the mission of the No. 1 heroine is completed, the robot mother will come to end the dog's life.

Besides, No. 2, No. 2 is a little girl, she was sparked after unsuccessful (death), and the real heroine collapsed for a while after finding out.

The No. 3 cultivated is the real heroine in the play, and also the most successful and better one cultivated by mother. All the tests devised to see if No. 3 has the "heavy duty" to be a human mother. After the inner conflict, he killed his own robot mother and replaced him.

Mother is not dead, mother can control any robot, so after the third female lead killed mother, mother appeared again to kill the first female lead and complete the mission.

I think the director is very good. He is playing a philosophical game, and he is very obscure and grand. With very small characters and plot settings, it makes people think like this, and see the leopard in the tube.

This may be the life-long problem of every woman. How to become a mother, and how to break through the shadow of a mother in yourself and become a better mother.

Why did the No. 1 heroine die? My understanding is: without a free speculative soul, what is the difference between a human and a machine?

And whether the No. 3 heroine can really complete the heavy task of a human mother, the real capital MOTHER is still watching. Maybe the No. 3 heroine is not successful, and she will be set to become the No. 1 heroine, and it is unknown. To be sure, the robot has time to start all over again, and even the robot is getting better with practice.

And is there time for mankind to start all over again? People only live once, Milan Kundera also thinks so.

Be careful as a mother. And there is one detail that is extremely scary. The third female lead ₎ hugged her brother and sang the song taught by the robot mother. The implantation of this behavioral program is like a genetic setting. Maybe she will survive and become a new generation of human mothers, but I doubt it.

I think the robot setting in this film is like a completely idealistic Plato's Utopia. It is impossible to build a completely beautiful world where no one is evil and everyone is intelligent, humble and peaceful.

The inferiority of human beings is hidden behind these good qualities. The real society is not ignoring these evils and eliminating them, but knowing them and controlling themselves not to do them.

Anyone who eliminates some of the inferiority of human beings in order to make human beings better are hopeless idealists. Hitler also thought so.

Embracing the real world, there are good and evil, good and bad, incomplete human beings, and imperfect living space. Extremes will inevitably lead to morbidity. Be careful of those who want to transform the world into pure and unblemished people. They do not have ideals in their hearts, they just do not have a deep understanding of society about themselves.

Maybe we have to wait until one day, when human beings as a whole have entered a new spiritual realm. The ideal country will not appear.

But I did learn one thing: Growth requires patience.

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