If you can't do homecoming, you might as well be a proud bitch

Winona 2022-12-14 20:26:25

It's not really a solidly good movie, but it makes me want to say something. It would be wrong to classify this movie as a comedy. This is a bittersweet movie. I don't know where Lao Mei's laughter is, but for every so-called laughter, you can't last for 2 seconds, unless the mentally handicapped children are happy, then you can point to Laugh at people's sore spots for two weeks.
I was disappointed with this comedy as soon as the female lead came out. Looking at the heroine's online status-----bad plain makeup, obvious aging skin, bags under the eyes of the boss, severe hair loss, failed marriage, being a shadow writer... This is not for a middle-aged person The most embarrassing exposure of a woman in crisis? And then along with an email from the former --- an invitation to attend the baptism of his and current wife's newborn daughter--------- The bombing, the heroine immediately revived with blood on the spot, the 17-year-old mean girl had her upper body, she wanted to appear at the party with infinite glory, and snatch the former back to her side!
As soon as I returned to the town, I met my former high school classmate—a fat otaku who was lame, and then the fat man explained that this woman was the most popular campus goddess in the past, and the goddess showed no mercy, oh, you Isn't that the homosexual? Fatty's face sank. He was insulted by the goddess in front of him. Know that I'm not gay. The heroine fully demonstrated the style of the campus celebrity back then, and she didn't feel sorry for her gaffes at all, but embarrassing questions appeared one after another. Maybe every adult has a bitch in their hearts. Once the person who witnessed your worst time appears, your childishness and viciousness will appear unreservedly. After chatting high, he took the otaku back to his younger brother, proudly told him his plan, and then coquettishly carried out his plan. Mingming is very happy to meet his old lover, but he pretends that he needs to get some real estate work before returning to this small town, and shows off that he is the author of the best-selling series of books, but he is just a shadow writer, and the book is not sold in bookstores. long time. Every time she meets her old lover, the heroine dresses up meticulously, and in the end she almost succeeded in winning a kiss from her old lover. Seeing the current wife of the old lover, the heroine was even more rude, and dug up the love plot between the two before, so that everyone in the room stared at this scheming girl. Of course, the heroine also made a lot of ugliness because of these. Especially at the end, when the heroine yelled at the old man I met at the party, I should be the one standing by his side! We loved so much back then! I even had his child, but the child is gone If it weren't for the accident, our children have grown up! I came here for you, but why do you do this to me now? Why did you invite me to come!
The current hostess looked terrified and hurt, and the old lover witnessed these embarrassments, I have to hug my wife
To comfort and tell the truth, in fact, it was my wife who invited you here. This hostess is also stupid enough and naive enough, the Madonna type woman is the one who doesn't think about the feelings of others. One sentence made the hostess completely stunned. As a result, I went to the otaku in a daze, and asked the otaku with a sad face, do you like me? Successfully captured the heroine's heart, and the [beep------] plot happened immediately. When I woke up, Xiao Qingtong, who admired the heroine very much in his youth, flattered the heroine very diligently. Many people envy you. The heroine chuckled, but the people in this small town are very happy with not many people. Little transparent stuffing, this is because the people here are not important at all, you are very special! Let this town go to hell! The heroine immediately refreshed and regained the queen's aura, yes, the old lady doesn't need to worry about this~ After that Little Transparent begged the heroine to take her out of this small town to the big city where the heroine lives. The heroine turned her head, as always, with a contemptuous tone, you, oh, keep it. So you see, if you can't make a homecoming, it's pretty refreshing to be a proud bitch.
In fact, for me, the heroine's rejection of Xiao Xiong is the kindest move she has made in the whole play. You may have an adult you admire, but once you are in his situation, reality is likely to put you before you. Your fantasy is broken, so stay where you are and be yourself, otherwise, you can at least pass the time by daydreaming.

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