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This dark comedy successfully demonstrates Diablo Coty's sharpness, Jason Reitman's ability, and features Theron's inspiration from "The Devil" Best performance ever.
—The San Francisco Chronicle

Watching the life of a utterly useless narcissist can, if done right, be fascinated: this film does just that.
——"Los Angeles Times" This

film stands out in a crowd of shallow commercial comedies, full of wit, bravery and sharp connotations. — Behind the scenes at
The New York Times The Powers Join Again After the critically acclaimed teen film "Juno," screenwriter Diablo Coty and director Jason Reitman never worked together again. After the separation, the two have been very active in their film careers. Jason Reitman's "In the Clouds," which became Hollywood's new hope, and Diablo Coty, who wrote the critically acclaimed, stellar lineup of "The Wrong Life" . Looking at their respective career development, many fans are looking forward to the pair of old friends joining forces again.

The opportunity finally came, and Diablo Coty and Jason Reitman collaborated again on the film "Teen". Like Juno, Teenager's story unfolds from a woman's perspective. But unlike "Juno," the protagonist of "Teen" is not a teenage girl, but a divorced adult. Diablo Coty said: "Who wants to fall in love? I don't anyway. In this story, the heroine seems to be victorious on some issues, but it's not. So, this Kind of like a 'Slumdog Millionaire' story." For Coty, making the protagonist a little bad was her priority, saying, "The most important thing I did in writing this script was not to use the most traditional Don't make the characters look familiar. I think it's an absolute truth that dogs can't change and eat shit, so I didn't arrange any redemptive endings for the heroine. What I showed in this movie is exactly what I realize A lot of viewers would definitely think she learned a lot after going through all this, but in reality, she didn't. That's what I create, that kind of wake-up call, we've seen so much."

Such a script is actually difficult to operate, because it is too different, and Coty even thinks that it will not be photographed by any director at all. However, Jason Reitman just took a fancy to this script. Reitman said: "When I saw the script, I exclaimed, it's amazing, this must be made into a movie and put on the screen. I think this heroine is like a mirror, which reflects all the dark sides of our hearts. It came out. A lot of people will think this character is very strange, because there are very few such characters in the movie. For me, such a movie is not available. Maybe some people will frown on this movie of mine Head, because it's not some kind of rom-com like "Alabama," or "Greenberg" or "Rachel's Wedding," and it's very different. It should be said that you've probably never Haven't seen similar characters and stories on screen. It's this uniqueness that made me decide to direct this movie."

Hot Bitches

In the film, the actor who is constantly described as an unusual female role by the director is South African actor Charlize Theron. Although she is beautiful and indescribable, the character who made Theron famous is an old and ugly "female devil". In the film, Theron plays a divorced and down-to-earth writer who returns to his hometown, hoping to relive his old dreams with his high school first love, now a father. In Reitman's description, it's an out-and-out "hot bitch." Reitman said: "This role is very interesting, and it is very difficult to play. Because on the one hand, the actor has to play the vicissitudes of life honed; on the other hand, she has to be quite beautiful and beautiful, so that she can make The man in the siege is just about to move. Arguably, Charlize Theron is the best person. And this role is also a sexy, hot bitch." Regarding the "bad woman" role, Theron said: "This role is to me It's challenging to say, it's a character that's very unique and has a lot of personality and ideas. I think she represents a sense of jealousy and imbalance in everyone. When people look at the lives of people who were embarrassed now When you are much better than yourself, this psychological feeling will be very strong. Then there will be a stronger desire to destroy the lives of others, so that you can enjoy all this, because in the hearts of these people, only I deserve to enjoy all of this, and I am the only one who is the best. I think such a role has a very realistic meaning and taste. Although there will not be such extreme people in reality, this does not prove The role is not realistic."

Playing Theron's first love in the film is Patrick Wilson, the character of a good man. Diablo Coty said: "The male character is not the focus of the script, so it is inevitable that there will be some stereotypes. This character called Slade is a good man, no competition, and not too much about beauty. The lust, so Theron's Grey used a lot of brains to seduce him." Patrick Wilson said: "The role is not as complex as I imagined, and it is not as rich as Theron's character. Simply put, I'm a man at home, I don't have too many thoughts and ideas. I just do my duty and live with my wife honestly. And I enjoy this life very much. But Theron wants to take me away, He wants me to live with him. So, in the movie, my life is not easy. Such characters are common in our lives, but with Theron's character, there is a certain comic effect and social effect. Meaning. It can be said that this is a very realistic movie, and this reality is an observation and summary of the writer's life. Coty wrote a very unique and sophisticated script, the story and the characters in it. I love it I can't put it down." The film is the reunion of "Juno" director Jason


and screenwriter Diablo Coty.

·There are some scenes in the film that take place in the Midwest. This part of the film was shot in the business district of Minneapolis, where there is the famous Churchill apartment.

· On October 19, 2011, the film's screenwriter Diablo Coty and director Jason Reitman held an early screening at the Idina Theater in Minneapolis.

·There have been rumors that Josh Brolin will play a role in the film.

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