The shackles of the family of origin

Josie 2022-12-03 13:39:10

This is the fourth American drama of this year. If you don't make a mistake, watching American dramas is all about getting high scores. Because you don't understand the plot, it is considered a blind guess. The beginning of the movie is very nonsensical. What is the reason for this incident? I understand the general background of the story in the fifth episode. It turned out to be a heroine with a history of mental illness. She is not welcome in this small town and goes out to work. The big boss wants to help Camil get out of her own way The heart knot, let her go home to investigate and report on this background, but there are too many unbelievable things in this Fengkou Town, and young girls are killed one after another. In other words, these girls are too individual to listen to Persuaded, but the murderer has never been found. With the memory of the heroine and the investigation of people's lives today, it turned out that everything was caused by the mother's morbid psychology and the influence of the family and the original family on the child. The mother killed My sister, now my sister and two of his friends killed his friend and pulled his teeth to make the floor of his own small mold house. Everything was too sudden. The plot reversed in the last few seconds. The plot can be released, I hope that the influence of the original family on the child will be less [cool]

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  • Fabian 2022-05-26 23:22:48

    The Clown Heroine and the Town丨The flashback overlaps with the scene丨Guess that the whole town is in order to maintain Ning He and cover up the death of the alien丨It is a perfect relationship, but still has no courage to accept the scars and defects of the other party's core丨Sick control and dependence , conscious resistance and unconscious replication of behavior patterns. This piece should be called Hereditary Doom.

  • Sylvia 2022-05-26 14:46:05

    To a considerable extent, it is a one-man show of AA, and it is still a cross-narrative of two timelines, which makes Mark Vare as stable as ever.

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  • Amma Crellin: Don't tell Momma