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Ezra 2022-12-16 21:01:41

There are three women in "Sharp Tool", mother, elder sister, younger sister. From the beginning of the film, the elder sister invades strongly with a posture of confronting everything. With the development of the plot, in the situation where sisters coexist, it is almost the younger sister who dominates the progress of things, and finally the mother's illness is exposed. , forcibly created sick daughters in the form of poisoning to achieve the purpose of imprisoning their own caring daughters. The two daughters were two sick and sick victims who could not escape. Later, the mother was arrested, and the sisters moved to St. Louis, seemingly out of the repressed town. , to a wider world, to the quarrel with the little friend that the sister just made, to the sister who discovered the human teeth hidden by the sister in the doll's house, and the ivory floor in the mother's room that has been passed down for generations echoes. The film is constantly interspersed with memories of my sister's teenage years, as well as what my father said about my grandmother's harm to my mother. The three identities of mother and daughter as victims and perpetrators are entangled. Each of them vents in their own way the ills accumulated by the family from generation to generation. Escaping from the town may be redemption and relief, or not. In Sharp Objects, a female-led show, I took a closer look at men. And usually in male-dominated dramas, I always observe women, probably because I feel that the characters in the center are always given more things unconsciously, and the side that stands in the side is more real. There is a very interesting character here - the police detective. A police detective living in a big city, an honest and kind ordinary person, he has been diligently investigating the case, trying to find the murderer of two young girls in this town. As the plot progressed, the local sheriff said to him several times: "You are becoming more and more like a local." After thinking about it, the people and things in the town became a quagmire and kept pulling you down. . If you want to change in this small town, you must completely open it up. This ordinary police detective can't do it, and can't even recognize how terrible it is. This is the limit of thinking of an ordinary person. When my sister was weakened by her mother's medicine, she was imprisoned at home. The detective had knocked on the door to visit, but only politely asked, and then left when he learned that his sister was not at home. Obviously, the basic etiquette of ordinary people will only be dissolved and swallowed here, and even become an accomplice. There was a moment when I had very vulgar expectations, expecting the police detective to rudely break in, but only to leave. In the video, my sister was lying on her mother's ivory floor and was found by her mother and was blurred with the police who broke in to rescue people and search for people. At that moment, I thought the police detectives found something and broke in. But no, the detective said: it was because the boss of my sister's newspaper turned the police station upside down. An ordinary upright kindness and warmth is attractive, however, he is also superficially simple and powerless. wait for a long time, but

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