You must be kidding me...

Mireille 2022-11-03 01:01:20

When I came back, I told Frog to watch a relaxing chicken slice. It
's nothing to watch. We are uncomfortable
. Everything is annoying except for the heroine's clothes!
Does Juno have no hobbies at all!
Taking a nasty woman as the heroine is nothing
but the joy that has not changed at all after going through so much shit!
The characters are too flat!
In the end, I rolled my only friend into the sheets
, you are the only one fucking friend, can you cherish your friendship?
I'm almost mad when I see it
Last but not least, don't fucking joke about depressed people!
Learn from others, rachael getting married, okay? thank you!
I changed my mind and I don't think it deserves two stars

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Young Adult quotes

  • Mavis Gary: Mary Ellen, you were great tonight. It's so inspiring to see a single mother with so much confidence on stage. Really.

  • Matt Freehauf: Mike Moran is your cousin?

    Mavis Gary: Unfortunately.

    Matt Freehauf: Oh, here comes the happiest cripple in Minnesota.

    Wheelchair Mike: Mavis?

    Mavis Gary: Mike.

    Wheelchair Mike: What is up, girly-friend? Holy shit, cuz. This is such a rad surprise.

    Mavis Gary: Yeah, I'm in town just for a little real estate thing. How are you?

    Wheelchair Mike: I'm great! Kim and I just had our six-year anniversary.

    Mavis Gary: Wow, six years. What is that, wood? Porcelain?

    Matt Freehauf: Strychnine?

    Wheelchair Mike: Anyway, the kids are great. Work is a trip but I play hard too. I've been doing a lot of rock climbing.

    Matt Freehauf: You mean rock crawling, right?

    Wheelchair Mike: No I'm vertical, bro, believe it or not. We can do anything a normal can do. Probably more, because we've had to reboot for extra positivity. You know what I'm saying? You should try it, Matt.

    Mavis Gary: You should try it, Matt.

    Matt Freehauf: No.

    Wheelchair Mike: I love the way this guy talks. He's like, no! I'm so glad you guys are buds. I can totally see it. It's like Will & Grace.

    Mavis Gary: Aww, it is.

    Matt Freehauf: No, it isn't.

    Wheelchair Mike: Look I'm gonna roll back to my boys, but we should chat later. I'll buy you a scotch or whatever you got there. Love this place. Total time capsule, right?