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Thirty-seven of mavis are the scene of a car accident in all aspects. Except for on-the-spot first aid, it is still a face-to-face image. This is a downright contemptible character created by the screenwriter. The foundation of mavis is the adjustment of old adolescence's value system. The work and rest habits of the bottleneck, the shadow writer career of the bottleneck, the self-centered and confused attitude towards life, oh my!

Almost all the details in the film clearly show that this prom queen "teenager" who is far from mature at heart, is not the most common scene in high school when a handful of diet coke is poured straight down the throat, and matt builds moonshine there. The wine drank straight into the intestines, not as good as listening to people say to sip slowly, Mavis's adult life was swallowed like a big mouth, and he didn't stop to think for a moment, and everything went smoothly. mavis ignores herself like the neglected pomeranian dog, if it weren't for that baby image, there are a few seconds of the day that mavis thinks of him in a way that buddy is her meaning to be. During the drive, she kept rewinding and replaying the Teenage Fanclub song that made her familiar and immersed. Trapped in a familiar situation and trapped in a teenage state, she decided to go to her hometown in the corner of her memory and fight for the buddy she met in her best years. The future together, baby, is not a problem, "love conquers all". Then the viewers wait for the tragicomedy to unfold and end. I have to say that the director and screenwriter gave us the most unfiltered original truth, close to life, Unlike charlie's monster movie, Mavis's naive and selfish monster can always be reversed. Mavis only needs to use his brain to enjoy the real life easily, which is beyond redemption.

In front of the street lights in the parking lot, Mavis subconsciously misread buddy's words again, her eyes are complex and affectionate, her body is soft and warm, leaning against the open car door, buddy is naturally more dreamy, oh. In the bar, mavis stood behind buddy, his eyes were complicated again, watching buddy completely focus on his wife's band's uninspiring performance, but buddy was infinitely infected by his wife's enthusiasm. All this country place where mavis feels uncomfortable and below himself, people look happy, oh well, everything is being complicated by mavis, complicated by simplicity. Everyone knows that teenage is just a period when you are supposed to grow up and transition naturally. Mavis said that it is difficult for him to have a sense of happiness. Clarity is not easily favored by anyone, such as people who are pampered and do not need to grow up, and those who have nothing to do with pampering but only want peace and comfort. In this way, mavis can still win I smile.

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Young Adult quotes

  • Buddy Slade: I'm gonna grab a drink. You want a beer?

    Mavis Gary: Oh, just a water.

    Beth Slade: Can you get me another Summer Ale? It's fine. I'll just pump and dump after the show. Don't worry, I'm not trying to get my kid hammered.

    Mavis Gary: Wow, look at that.

    Beth Slade: Ah, yes. The Funquarium. Always chills her out.

    [talks to the baby]

    Beth Slade: Starting to get smiles.

    Mavis Gary: Cute.

    Beth Slade: She's like, Buddy's clone.

    Mavis Gary: No, I see you in there.

    Beth Slade: Really?

    Mavis Gary: A lot of you, in fact.

    Beth Slade: Thanks. So how's it going? I know you're a writer. I saw a nice article about you in The Sun.

    Mavis Gary: Yes, I'm an author of a young adult series. It's disturbingly popular. I like your decor. It it, shabby chic?

    Buddy Slade: Pier One?

    Beth Slade: A little bit Goodwill.

    Mavis Gary: Buddy and I used to go thrifting all the time. Remember that? The 90's?

  • Mavis Gary: I used to sleep in his t-shirts and boxers. I think I still have a few.

    Beth Slade: Hey, I still have one of my ex-boyfriend's t-shirts. I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

    Buddy Slade: What? Which one?

    Beth Slade: [laughing] Like I'd tell you.