Who said that if you live in memories for too long, you won't be able to reach tomorrow~

Jed 2022-09-20 19:32:33

It feels good to watch, but the rating is low.

Aiming at the Hong Kong version of the translation - the middle girl Yunyun thinks the translation is not good, why do you have to label

everything Close-up, I'm guessing
. It was purely by chance that Minneapolis, an ordinary medium-sized city still regarded by the coasties as the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere, was chosen as the "big city" in the film, and the
small town girl was arranged to live here in front of the writer and be envied by old friends. Is cool life a silent irony? It 's still a randomly selected city.

Some male friends have expressed that they don't like watching movies with women as the main line. This is undoubtedly another piece about a woman's life. It can be summed up in Hollywood's chic-flick
, but in view of the smeared beauty, the goddess's madness and high school Nobody's mercy sex screenwriter tried hard to make this film a small film about the philosophy of life

. By writing the story of a young adult, Theron was actually writing her true feelings;
she drove from Minny back to Mercury Town to indulge herself into trying to regain the high In the crazy behavior of
her is not irrational but just banished (it seems that most people in film and television are banished to avoid get away, because these can be done with the least effort, but it has become an excuse for many people to escape reality
There's no difference between her last departure and her first departure. The town hasn't changed, Theron hasn't changed, and she didn't say anything. I believed the original instinct. It's a pity that it's not about high school sweetheart, but a

movie about leaving the town. The plot design is very complete. Everything has a reason and a result. Every little detail will be explained
. Theron stared at the picture of the child for so long. It turned out to be a miscarriage at the age of 20. It's hard to let go
, and it's like that fat sister. When I saw her, she didn't come out of high school~ Later in the morning, I met Theron and expressed my admiration for Theron, which made Theron realize that he

didn't understand why Hollywood always talks about high school~mean girls won't The admiration of the past will not be completely faded today~

I have always felt that the liberal democracy in the United States has a frame, but where is it not? Everyone's life trajectory still has to slide under the expectations of society and others. The ship that deviates from the channel Either it sank or was pulled back by a large army. In the
end, Theron returned to Minny and could only find it on his own.

Finally, remind me~ Do
n't be
too off-line
, don't
become psycho~

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