The old love is the most unrecoverable

Alia 2022-12-28 14:03:45

Young Adult, everyone gets old, not everyone grows up.
Mevis was a famous school girl in high school. She was beautiful and sought-after, so she was defiant. She only saw her beautiful self in the mirror. She was in love, and loved deeply, but the outside world was far bigger than this fishy little girl. The town was attractive, so she decided to leave. In the so-called big city, she has a little business, wears an exquisite suit and paints a dazzling makeup when she goes out, and there are many trivial things, but they are all hidden in a messy house. In short, from the outsider's point of view, she is enviable.
However, Leng Nuan knew that Mevis was unhappy in his heart. He had been divorced and lived alone. The older he got, the more regrets he had, and the more he wanted to save.
The photo of her daughter sent by her ex-boyfriend touched a woman's most sensitive nerve. She found that the man was her favorite, and the two of them were a natural pair. Even if he got married and had children, he was hers.
She went back to that town again, just for him. She firmly believed even blindly that he also had her in his heart, she used every happy expression of him as an excuse, she loved him, he must love him too, the result of her self-love was that the skirt was ruined, everything was ruined .
The most impressive set of dialogues is, Matt asked Mevis, why is he? Mevis replied, because he is kind, he is a good person. Matt then asked, are other men okay? Mevis said because I was the best version of myself when he knew me.
After listening to this sentence, I was very sentimental. Mevis did not forget his ex-boyfriend, but his own young days. At that time, she seemed to be the center of the world, everyone revolved around her, everyone looked up at her, she and her The person you love can be happy without distractions, and she can even do whatever she wants. However, in the adult world when she grows up, she is insignificant, she is controlled by others, and she even slaps a swollen face and looks fat to prevent others from doubting her. The unhappiness, such a life, she wanted to escape, wanted to escape back into the broad embrace of that man, when they were in love, he tolerated everything about her, she thought she was just a small slip away, that everything was in the original The ground didn't move and waited for her to recover, but the truth was that it was hard to recover, and everything was no longer the way it was before.
Old people, old feelings, old things, since they are old, let them be buried by time. Even if they still have so-called beautiful appearances, they will deteriorate when they expire. If you swallow them at your own risk, you will only hurt yourself.
The old is good. This is just our wishful thinking. Only by letting go of the past can we easily stride forward. Therefore, bless our past and hope for our future.
Everyone deserves to have their own unique happiness. This happiness does not need to be fought or fought. When the time is right, it will come naturally.

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