Any aging without the purpose of growing up is a tragicomedy

Domenica 2022-12-04 09:39:54

Since The Big Bang Theory, there's been a Nerd in every movie.

Mavis is an immature spokesperson. Standing still in her own world, she takes it for granted to pursue a love that has left her in the past. In the eyes of outsiders, her life seems like a terrible tragedy. But she persisted. Running hard and falling down beautifully turned this tragedy into a comedy. Even in the end, she was hurt, because of a few words from Sister Matt, her life became clear again in an instant, and her psychological quality was excellent.

I'd be happy if I had a girl like that by my side. Sometimes you feel that time is stagnant in her, and seeing her is like seeing the past youth; sometimes you think she is a joke, all people are growing up, only she is simply getting old.
No matter what kind it is, having such a woman around will make people very happy, paying attention to her with jokes and sympathy, as if watching a joke. Seeing her, we will also feel that it is good to grow up.

The screenwriter created a typical character like Mavis, but arranged the plot so mediocre. The whole story is unknown, the praise and criticism are unknown, and nothing is shown in the absence of any incident. It's really just Theron's personal show. My mother watched it for a long time and asked me what the movie was talking about. I thought about it and could only say, this movie is about how a child who has grown up on the surface but has not grown up in his heart is destroyed by this world . My wife said it was too dramatic.

It can be said.

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  • Buddy Slade: I'm gonna grab a drink. You want a beer?

    Mavis Gary: Oh, just a water.

    Beth Slade: Can you get me another Summer Ale? It's fine. I'll just pump and dump after the show. Don't worry, I'm not trying to get my kid hammered.

    Mavis Gary: Wow, look at that.

    Beth Slade: Ah, yes. The Funquarium. Always chills her out.

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    Beth Slade: Starting to get smiles.

    Mavis Gary: Cute.

    Beth Slade: She's like, Buddy's clone.

    Mavis Gary: No, I see you in there.

    Beth Slade: Really?

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    Beth Slade: Thanks. So how's it going? I know you're a writer. I saw a nice article about you in The Sun.

    Mavis Gary: Yes, I'm an author of a young adult series. It's disturbingly popular. I like your decor. It it, shabby chic?

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    Mavis Gary: Buddy and I used to go thrifting all the time. Remember that? The 90's?

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    Buddy Slade: What? Which one?

    Beth Slade: [laughing] Like I'd tell you.